Alex Lost 22 pounds 8 months then an ADDITIONAL 33 pounds in 3 weeks Primed. Wow.


The Power of Primed

For his company “Biggest Loser” contest (should be called biggest health winner) Alex lost 22 pounds the conventional way over 8 months.

Then, upon listening to his daughter Krystel (who I taught at Enderun Colleges) tell him about Primed he followed the food principles (there is a lot more meat on the bone than just food for great health) and LOST AN AMAZING 33 plus pounds in 3 weeks before weight  in.

From Alex:

“Hi Chad,

Thanks for meeting the family of my daughter’s hubby and us, her family.


Your Primed for Your Life was introduced to me by Krystel on September 6, 2016,

that is barely more than 3 weeks before the scheduled weigh-in date.

I read all the principles you spilled all over the net from blogs, to tube and FB.

I told you last night the summary of principles distilled from your site which I used as

foundation for achieving an average of  11.5 lbs. average per week reduction in my weigh.

I confirmed thru my experience that eating right gives you so much energy, that at the

office I stand up more often and only sit when I needed to write an email.   I read

emails standing up. Bought a push up bar and gave myself a quota of 100 push ups

per day.”

Name 1st Weigh-in January 11, 2016 (in pounds) 2nd Weigh-in September 29, 2016 (in pounds) Weight Loss Ranking
Pounds Percentage
Alexander Andres 242 187 55 22.72% 1st
Alex now knows how to get to his desired 170 pounds & will achieve this goal. He now knows the added Primed protocols to lose the weight and gain the health.
2nd Placer 144 133 11 7.60% 2nd
3rd Placer 145 134.5 10.5 7.20% 3rd


Alex loves Primed Vegetable Kinilaw.

Vegetable Kinilaw1

It is not about weight loss but health gain.

The entire family of Alex is going Primed. Cool.

They will live longer and better.

We also have fabulous medical data to show the power of Primed and how it helps your key metabolic markers. However, just looking at Alex you know he is far healthier and happier Primed. Groovy.

That Paleo Show The best of your life

For Primed Wellness coaching email me at or text me at 0929-421-2148.

I give a way a lot on my blog but not all. There are crucial Primed protocols in addition to food that are critical to the success of you and your family.

Medical Proof of Primed

“Dear Alex,

The key measure of cardiovascular health is your:
Trig to HDL ratio.
2:1 is just ok. 1:1 is ideal. Mine is .37.
In 2015 when you were sick a lot your ratio was 4:1. Not good. This indicates higher risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.
Now your ratio is an amazing 1:1 (roughly). .

It is excellent and the trend is the key. DECLINING.

See attached.
Your HDL improved a bit (an excellent sign) and your Triglycerides (fat in your blood) reduced enormously.

HUGE difference and reflective of the way you look and feel.

Most docs do not look at the ratio and only total cholesterol which is not correct.




Nutrient vs Carbo Laoded

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