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Youtube Primed Banana Pancakes Recipe

Primed Banana Pancakes are one of our most popular recipes.

Please see simple 3 minute youtube recipe here.

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Yvonne is going Primed so I will be teaching her and her family to make nutritious and delicious recipes like this.

Youtube Banana Pancakes3

I’ll also teach Yvonne how easy it is to make Primed Gourmet Pizzas.

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Primed Gourmet Pizza Recipe on youtube

I am delighted to present my second youtube video.

This time it is for our world famous Primed Gourmet Pizza. Primed for your Life blog is read in over 150 countries worldwide and this is the most popular recipe. Yippie.

It is also simple to make (you can substitute ground almonds for the coconut flour), not expensive yet highly nutritious and super delicious.

Please see the youtube video here:

Gourmet Pizza8

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Here are some of the ingredients and procedures you’ll see in the video. You can also get a sample recipe from here.

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Primed Kimbap Wrap on youtube

With more than 100 Primed recipes on the blog this has been one of the most popular.

It is a highly nutritious, inexpensive and easy meal you can  prepare in minutes. It is also a meal you can have whilst travelling seeing you simply assemble the ingredients without any cooking involved.

Please see the Primed youtube recipe below and a typed recipe below that.


A Primed Lifestyle is about eating optimally to maximize the nutrition for better mind and body performance.

It is also vitally important to ensure your food and beverage does not cause inflammation in your body and that you support and promote healthy gut bacteria.

Here is a power breakfast (suitable for lunch and dinner too) that is a perfect combination of energizing and satisfying saturated fat, protein and gut healthy probiotics. You can add roasted squash, spinach, avocado, cucumber and carrot batons if you wish to add healthy carbohydrates.


Kimbap Mackerel
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