Steamed eggs with steamed okra and bok choy with Bagna Caude sauce.

Here is a super nutritious, delicious and easily prepared Primed dish. It includes quality fats, protein and carbohydrates. 

  • I personally never touch cheapo carbos like bread, pasta, noodles, white flour, crackers, muffins etc. because they are poisoned with glyphosate before harvesting.
  • I prefer energy and nutrient dense foods.


  1. Eggs
  2. Bok choy
  3. Okra
  4. Butter
  5. Olive oil
  6. Garlic
  7. Anchovies
  8. Pepper and Himalayan salt

Steamed Bagna Caude dish ingredients

Cleanliness – Clean your vegetables thoroughly

We use apple cider vinegar or baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. The bok choy below was soaked in a water mixture with a small splash of hydrogen peroxide.

  • Please note that no amount of anything you do can remove the TOXIC poison glyphosate from your wheat based cheapo carbos like pasta.

Steamed Bagna Caude dish bok

Method for Steamed Eggs

  1. Add water to the bottom of a steamer and boil to produce steam.
  2. Put your eggs into the steamer cup and place lid on.
  3. Steam eggs for 9 minutes. 8 minutes for softer yellow yolk or 10 for harder yellow.
  4. Remove and immediately place into ice bath.

Steamed Bagna Caude dish steam eggs

Steamed Bagna Caude dish eggs

Method for Steaming Green Vegetables = Quality Nutrient Loaded Carbohydrates

  1. Use same water from egg steaming and add okra.
  2. Once cleaned okra is steamed (we go for 7 minutes) then steam your cleaned bok choy (will not need long with 3 minutes probably enough). Just check as it depends on your bok choy size and quality.
  3. No need to place in ice bath as the warm bok choy will help melt your Bagna Caude sauce that you stored in the fridge.

Steamed Bagna Caude dish okra 1

Steamed Bagna Caude dish bok choy

Method for Bagna Caude Sauce

Bagne Caude sauce is simply butter slightly melted in a pot. Then add equal amount of olive oil. Then add a comination of mashed anchovies and shaved or mashed roasted garlic. Simple.

  • Please note that this is a staple item in our fridge that lasts up to 2 weeks easily. I make a bigger than normal batch and store it in a glass container.

Bagna Caude Sauce ingredients

Final Assembly of Primed Dish

  1. Add your Bagna Caude sauce to the warm bok choy and stir in

Steamed Bagna Caude dish 12

Steamed Bagna Caude dish 15

2. Add your steamed eggs cut in half (or quarters) and bok choy.

Steamed Bagna Caude dish18


Bagna Caude sauce is also great heated and just poured over your favorite vegetables, seafood or eggs. You can also use it as a dipping sauce fondue style.

Bagna Caude Sauce

The Final Word

Fermented Veggies 11

Interested in going Primed?

Text me at 0929-421-2148 or email at and skype of primedforyourlife. 


·        Primed is a template for more energy, better brain, body, immune system and improved overall health and happiness

·        Within a week you will notice improved outcomes

·       The return on your investment is PRICELESS

·        It will help your children’s children

·        The support is ongoing and unlimited as I will ALWAYS be there to help

·        I even include your immediate family so they will know better and can make more informed health decisions

·        Mistakes are cool but we learn from them

·        It is not a religion but a guideline

·        The more you do right the more wriggle room you have to do “wrong”

·        The healthier you get the more you want to improve and the more you will do “right”

·        The Primed knowledge is PRICELESS (worth repeating)

·        Once you have helped yourself to a healthier and happier lifestyle it is incumbent upon you to then help others

·        Set the right example, direct them to Primed, be proudly Primed and give your improved energies and brain functioning to those who need assistance

·      The true path to happiness is not in getting more STUFF but in helping others.

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