Primed Bagna Caude Sauce with Seafood & Vegetables

Primed Bagna Caude is the perfect sauce for your vegetables, seafood or even to cook your eggs in.

I love it and even Pope Francis rates it as one of his all time favorite dishes.

Pope Francis

What’s not to love about a wonderfully nutritious and delicious Primed dish like this:

Bagna Caude3 - Pope Francis


BC Sauce

Quality butter
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper (optional)


1. Put your anchovies in a bowl and mash them with a fork.

BC Sauce2

2. Add your shaved garlic (the more the merrier in my opinion) and mash that into your anchovies.

BC Sauce1

3. Heat a pan on the stove with your olive oil. Once heating well add your butter and stir. Then add your mashed anchovies and garlic and you are done.

4. Now, heat a pan on your stove top and spoon on your Bagna Caude Sauce. Add your cleaned prawns and cook briefly either side till pink. Set cooked prawns aside.

BC Sauce3

5. Now, in the same pan add some more Bagna Caude Sauce and add your vegetables (such as mushrooms and/or even avocado).

BC Sauce4

6. Lastly, add your sauteed mushrooms and/or avocado to your prawns and mix gently. You could even spoon in some extra Bagna Caude Sauce for extra quality fat goodness.

BC Sauce5


1. Also tastes great with assorted vegetables fondue style.

Bagna Cause1 - Pope Francis

2. Also delicious as a sauce for your assorted seafood.

Bagna Caude Seafood with Avocado

3. Tastes wonderful with Mixed Greens and Boiled Eggs.

4. When I presented the Primed Lifestyle and Primed food to my potential corporate wellness client the Primed Bagna Caude Prawns and Mushrooms were a huge hit.


5. Look for a delicious Bagna Caude recipe at my favorite restaurant The Wholesome Table soon.

The Wholesome Table Berns lunch1

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