Inquirer Reporter Poch and Family Thriving Primed

Poch is an excellent Philippines Daily Inquirer reporter.

Poch fi

Poch read his colleagues article about how Primed helps people to be healthier and happier and then engaged me as his Wellness Coach.

Poch PDI

In just 2 months or less Poch has:

(1) Lost a significant amount of weight with his clothes are now loose;

(2) Has a lot more energy;

(3) Is less hungry and can control his cravings now;

(4) Feels lighter;

(5) Has significantly improved his blood pressure;

(6) Finds it easier to write articles with a latest front pager;

(7) Has better moods;

(8) He said his mind is clearer and he thinks better than before;

(9) Is less sleepy and tired;

(10) Will soon be off hypertensive medications and understands they fix nothing;

See thumb nail of just a small snap shot of the Primed clients that have reversed hypertension easily. No longer on meds.

(11) He is delighted his wife also is enjoying the Primed lifestyle and it’s effects;

Poch family

(12) He is proud everyone has noticed his weight loss and improved vitality;

(13) He did no exercise except walking in the sun;

(14) Is greatly enjoying his Primed nutrition which nourishes both brain and body; and

Poch enjoy

(15) Said “I am amazed. I love it.”

Gratitude daily4

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I wonder if Poch will try and beat my record of 46 eggs for breakfast?

Poch eggs

Remember, quality eggs are great for you. 

Manny architects cholesterol


Interested in going Primed?

Text me at 0929-421-2148 or email at and skype of primedforyourlife. 


·        Primed is a template for more energy, better brain, body, immune system and improved overall health and happiness

·        Within a week you will notice improved outcomes

·       The return on your investment is PRICELESS

·        It will help your children’s children

·        The support is ongoing and unlimited as I will ALWAYS be there to help

·        I even include your immediate family so they will know better and can make more informed health decisions

·        Mistakes are cool but we learn from them

·        It is not a religion but a guideline

·        The more you do right the more wriggle room you have to do “wrong”

·        The healthier you get the more you want to improve and the more you will do “right”

·        The Primed knowledge is PRICELESS (worth repeating)

·        Once you have helped yourself to a healthier and happier lifestyle it is incumbent upon you to then help others

·        Set the right example, direct them to Primed, be proudly Primed and give your improved energies and brain functioning to those who need assistance

·      The true path to happiness is not in getting more STUFF but in helping others.

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