3 Examples of Hypertension reversed EASILY. Yes, easily with no meds, no supplements and no exercise. Just Primed protocols.

  • Primed Benisa reversed hypertension within 3 weeks Primed.

  • Benisa looked 15 years younger too.

  • Also with improved skin, sleep and energy.


  • Not only did Jojo reverse hypertension but his wife too. 


  • Architect William had hypertension. Now it is gone. No more. Reversed. No drugs. No supplements. No exercise. Just Primed food, drink and lifestyle changes.

  • William addressed the root cause of the issue. Was a lack of DRUGS the cause? Fix the cause. That is the Primed way.

Manny architects

  • William has reversed HYPERTENSION. Yippie.

Fiishmongersdailycatch hypertensio

  • Primed clients get printed Primed Carbohydrate recipes.

  • Also a menu plan and PDF recipes.

  • This is a great place to start when planning a meal. Please also see this about 30 Primed Sardine .recipes

  • Please know that eggs rock.

  • Primed people know food is only 20% of the health equation. 

Optimal Primed Protocols eggs

The Final Words:

Any way I can I will. 

Simply text me at 0929-421-2148.

Or email me at chad.davis.1@gmail.com.

Or skype at primedforyourlife.

Other Champs Who Reversed Hypertension:

Judith amazing

Serr Chief b&a

Mum rocks


  • There is a lot more.

  • You should be a Primed success story too. 

  • Spend money on holidays not hospitals.

  • On seafood not drugs.

  • On Eggs not supplements….

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