Primed Sardine Dish for Every Day of the Month this March – 31 Primed Sardine Ideas.

I love sardines. There is a very good reason why Primed people love seafood.

  1. Primed Omelette with sardines and okra. Very Filipino and very delicious.

Sardine Dishes2

1 a. It is even better to have your sardines with Primed friends outside. Primed Che, Gina and Reguel has breakfast with me at our poolside in Alexandra. We had sardines in olive oil mixed with okra and atchara. So good. Especially when we added steamed eggs. The setting and company made our food even more special.

2. Why not have Primed Omelette with sardines and broccoli is okra is not for you?


3. Or Sardines on top of steamed eggs?

Sardines with boiled eggs

Sardines Primed6

4. I love sardines just simply inside avocado.

Sardine Dishes11

5. I also love sardines inside avocado with a side of VCO fried sweet potato fries

Sardine Dishes6

6. Or with a side of quality European cheese.

Sardine Dishes10

7. You can also put sardines on top of your omelette if you forgot to add them inside. here they are inside and on top.

Sardine Dishes5

8. Sardines with zudles rock.

9. Then mix the zudles and sardines with broccoli. So delicious.

Sardines Primed4

10. You can add the sardine zudle dish inside tomato cups and bake them in the oven.

Sardines Primed3

11. You can then add cheese and grill it and have a side of squid over chilled home-made tomato sauce.

Sardines Primed5

12. Omelettes do not always have to be folded over. Have an open faced omelette with sardines like this one.

Sardines Primed11

13. I called this one a Primed Breakfast Pizza by adding home-made tomato sauce, sardines and cheese over fried eggs.

Sardine Dishes16

14. You can also have your fried eggs and sardines as part of a Breakfast stack. My sardines are mashed in with my home-made laing.


15. Or just place your sardines on top of your fried eggs.


16. Just saute your favorite greens in vco with onions and garlic then add sardines.

Sardines Primed13

17. After adding your greens and sardines together throw on a poached egg or 3!!

Sardine Dishes21

Did I mention sardines in avocado? Haha. This one is a little different because there is also kimchi with cream cheese and laing inside the avocado too. Too easy right? Delicious.

Sardine Dishes23

18. Add your sardines to zudles with cauliflower.

Sardine Dishes22

19. Sardines with boiled broccoli rocks too.

Sardine Dishes17

20. Sardines with home-made Laing rocks.

Sardine Dishes18

21. Primed Korean Quiche is Delicious and Nutritious. Primed is about nourishing both body and brain.

Sardines Primed8

22. The Quiche can be a big one with a side of home-made pest and French Mustard

Sardines Primed1

23. I love sardines inside my Primed Kimbap wraps.

Sardine kimbap fi

24. Adding sardines to Primed Veg Kinilaw is my favorite.

Sardine Dishes14

Sardine Dishes13

25. Simply add sardines to your Roasted squash, onion and garlic. Sarap.

Sardine Dishes15


26. You can also add cream cheese.

Squash and Garlic travel2

Squash and Garlic travel3

Primed Sardines with Roasted Vegetables

Primed Sardines with Roasted Vegetables4

27.You can also add to your Primed Oven baked Nori Pizza.


28. Here is a Monster Oven Baked Nori Sheet filled with Squash and Sardines. Was very tasty and filling.


29. Simply add your sardines to cream cheese with laing.

Sardine Dishes12

30. Sardines with spinach and fried egg

Warm Spinach and Sardine Salad3

Warm Spinach and Sardine Salad4

The Final Word

Primed reverses

The Primed Lifestyle really works and is helping people to live better lives worldwide.

If you want to know more simply text me at 0929-421-2148, email at or skype at primedforyourlife.

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