World Exco Staff are Thriving with their Primed Lifestyle after Just 2 weeks

“Hi Chad,

I hope you’re well. We talk among ourselves about what we’re feeling and I’m glad to say it’s mostly, if not all, positive.
I’ve stopped eating bread, rice and the other carbs you mentioned, and sugar. I’ve upped my intake of water, eggs and seafood.
Luckily I’ve loved sardines and tuyo ever since I can remember, so eating more of it isn’t hard.
Our helper now knows how to make cauliflower rice which is handy if we ever miss the texture of rice. 

I notice that I’m not sluggish anymore in the morning and that I’m waking up earlier than usual. I don’t feel hungry, in fact I feel full most of the time. 

I would say so far, it hasn’t been too difficult. It’s just about adjustments and being mindful of the things I’m putting in my body.
Thanks for all the recipes and tips. I want to try to make my own mayonnaise next. Wish me luck!
Cheers, R.

Dear Chad,

I have at least 2 eggs a day, some cheese, fish, cauliflower rice, salmon, kamote and butter.

I don’t get my hunger / weak spells anymore even if I wait til 2pm to eat lunch or 8pm to eat dinner. That was a huge thing for me.


Thanks, B.
 Manny architects3

Hi chad it was amazing. I learned a lot. Actually i am really working on losing weight. Trying everything i even drink herbalife tea and shake. (Yikes, no more please N. – From Chad – the ingredients of Herbalife are not good).

I do the two glasses of water when i wake up warm water and i love drinking tea too. Bread my favorite and crackers but after hearing what u said today hmmmm im gonna clean up my pantry.
I will promise i will follow what everything that u said earlier…being healthy is one of my goal this year😊
And the thing u said about the sun…honestly my mindset no to dark skin so i use sunblock a lot. From body lotion to my face. But now it will definitely change.
Its my one week of not eating rice😊 and no fitnesse hahaha😉.
Raquel champs2

Does anyone start your day with this or any other form of boxed stuff?

Try eating the box just to see if it is more nutritious! These ingredients speak for themselves. YIKES! OMG, what a tremendous contradiction to call this packet of carbage “Fitnesse”. Imagine the laughter when someone came up with that name…… Maybe Fitnesse is an acronym for:

F – Food like substance cleverly marketed to look like it is good for you.

I – Inflammatory grains, sugar and chemicals inside.

T – Totally devoid of nutrients but we will spend a lot to convince you otherwise.

N – Not really fit for any one, let alone the children we market it to.

E – Energy crashes are guaranteed once your blood sugar crashes shortly after eating this.

S – Soy is a GMO product that is estrogenic.

S – Sugar is also Glucose Syrup and Wheat Grains so this is basically a packet of sugar.

E – Emotional crash matches your blood sugar crash.



My dinner: Mixed veges cooked in olive oil and lots of onions and garlic.
Green veg1

Update – Hi. Thank u again chad am feeling great..its almost 11 days no rice. Thing i notice i dont get sleepy in the afternoon at the after. I usually do after lunch but now im full of energy..i the morning i walk and feel the sun. One time i stopped and just looked up stretch my hands i forgot people were behind me and they asked if i was ok and said yes am wonderful just enjoying the sun and smiled.
I think my goal of getting a small tummy is almost happening i lost an inch😉
Thanks a million chad u rock🤗

Thanks, N.

Manny architects baby steps

Hi Chad,

When I started to follow the Primed program, I feel more lighter and full of energy for the whole day. I never felt weary and sluggish unlike before, now my jeans are starting to loosen up.
I am starting to feel the inner strength. It helps a lot on my memory ….. before I am oblivious.
I haven’t eaten rice, bread, pasta, cola and sweets since I started Primed.
I ate a big breakfast for about 5 days already, I only felt hungry at around 4pm. Sometimes I ate some snakcs, like cashew nuts,pistachos or dark chocolate to indulge my cravings. 

I am doing great! I can feel the difference now in my body. When I woke up in the morning I do not feel sluggish.

Thank you,

Sun rocks5

Hi Chad,  Here’s my updates 🙂

(1) What changes have you made so far? ie. No Fitnesse, no bread, more sun etc.
  • I started to change my daily routine. When I woke up in the morning I started to open the windows and not my phone [hehehe :)] It really creates a big difference from before. I don’t eat bread since we met, however I still eat rice in the morning.
(2) What is the effect on body and brain? ie. Feel lighter, not hungry, none etc.
  • It was easier for me to wake up in the morning and I feel lighter and energized. 
(3) What will you start now? ie. Prioritize sleep, sun, stop eating shit etc. (Haha)
  • I’ll prioritize my sleeping habit (I will sleep early). I’ll do jogging in the morning, especially on weekends 🙂 I’ll start this Saturday :). 
Thank you Chad for guiding us in a better lifestyle.
God bless, B.
 Gratitude daily6
Hi chad…good morning…sorry for the verry late reply..😂😂 my first 3 days under the sun..i feel something crawling in to my body i think that is my blood circulation is so helpfull..i eated 6 eggs for every day and butter etc..and i did jog 30mins in the morning under the sun i feel so great..and i feel i am a different man now…😀😀😀😀…in the most happy i was my blood presure is slowly going down..chad thank you verry verry much..and i am happy to doing this…
Thanks, G.

News Flash: “Hi chad…for now im so so glad..😂😂😂😂 my blood pressure for the last 2 days is 130/90 until now..imagine from 160/90 i got a big result from 11 days of doing this method…maraming salamat…”




 If you or your company want a Wellness Coach and Program that works then feel free to contact me for an obligation free chat at:

  • 0929-421-2148
  • primedforyourlife (skype)

Primed is in over 150 countries and companies in Davao, Manila, Roma, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia.

The Final Words

The day before I ran 15km to visit the champs at World Exco I ran 21km to visit Geri Camahort in Merville.
Geri went Primed because she knows me from teaching her at Enderun Colleges and because she knows @rownita @anastazcia and @thedanahsoars are thriving with their Primed lifestyle.
Now Geri has more energy and mental clarity and has seen 13 pounds disappear.
Very groovy. When your body works better so does your brain. Love your work @gercamahort

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