Primed Sonia is Definitely Getting Younger and Loving Her Primed Life

Sonia is a beautiful Filipina thriving with her Primed Lifestyle in Ohio, US. 

“This is mine too now…from size 10 down to 6. It’s not about the loss of weight, all we need is to feel better and healthier right Chad Davis 😯🙌”


“Thank you! No strenuous exercise, save my trip to the gym. Just simply stretching, walking each day for at least 15-20 mins..but most importantly our proper eating lifestyle. It took me a lil’ over a year now, I lost 27 lbs.”


Great primed food is a great start on the road to OPTIMAL health but only part of the story. Sonia knows that it is but #4 on the Primed list of importance.

Sonia's food

Sonia‘s dinner in the US and my breakfast in the Philippines.

What’s dinner for tonight? My broiled stuffed Portobello mushrooms & chicken..satiating!

My breakfast was with Laing, home-made tomato sauce, a fried egg and anchovies.


Are you really sure you needed rice with that?

Sonia rice

It is best to start with a great breakfast:

Sonia's Omelette

Almost made to perfection my omelette…a breakfast that will last for more than 6 hours with my avocado & spinach shakeeating deliciousness.

Of course Sonia and I met up at The Wholesome Table during her visit home.


Primed Sonia is 57 years young and getting younger. That’s Primed. People often think she is in her 30s or 40s. Even better than her youthful look is her youthful attitude.

Primed improves your skin, mood and outlook.

Our beautiful food was @thewholesometable vegetable zoodles with seafoods. The taste was amazing according to Sonia. I was doing a regular intelligent fast so I did not taste it but the colors, smell and textures looked fabulous. Thanks again @biancaelizalde for your passion to have such a fabulous restaurant

#thewholesometable #primednutritionfeedsyourbrain#primednutritionmadewithlove #biancaelizalde#thewholesometablebgc #organicfood#primedforyourlife🌟 #livelongerlivebetter😍#regularintelligentfasting


Some More Primed Dishes from Sonia


A good day of life..enjoying a staple brunch. Thanks to Chad Davis for healthy tips post, lovin’ this lifestyle…


“Taken from Primed lifestyle heath, nutritionist expert himself, Chad Davis. Packaged and processed food were only making my health worst. This healthy eating habits have helped immensely a lot of followers. Thank you Chad for sharing this…”


From a cool Primed US/Filipino. Great food is real food. Please know flour is from the seeds of grass that has been poisoned with round up/glyphosate BEFORE harvesting. Fact. Eat real food.

Going Primed & Thriving – You & your ENTIRE family too.

  • If you want to cool Aussie dude as your Wellness Coach then please text me at 0929-421-2148. Or email me at Or skype of primedforyourlife if living overseas.

  • Ok? Don’t be scared. Haha. What do you have to lose? Except lethargy, insomnia, type 2 diabetes etc.?

  • What do you have to gain besides longevity and a better life?

Primed reverses

  • Once Primed you will have the knowledge and know how to last a lifetime that will be healthier and happier. Guaranteed.



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