Pressure Cooker Onion and Cabbage with Sardines

Pressure Cooker Onion and Cabbage with Sardines


  • a lot of onion
  • a head of cabbage
  • Himalayan/sea salt, pepper, turmerc, maca root powder from Roarganics
  • sardines
  • coconut milk or cream
  • green vegetables (good carbohydrates like cabbage)
  • a pressure cooker (we bought ours inexpensively from Ansons)


  • Saute your onions in Primed Organic VCO or butter or ghee as you see in picture above
  • Add your spices like chili, turmeric, pepper and Sea/Himalayan salt
  • Add your cabbage and stir
  • Add your Roarganics super food like Maca Root Powder (optional of course)


  • Now add in your coconut milk/cream or a little water
  • Close lid on Pressure cooker and put on low heat (you can see we love eggs)


  • Allow to pressure cook until the pressure cooker starts to whistle
  • Turn off and de-steam according to pressure cooker instructions
  • Open pressure cooker and stir ingredients
  • Add fresh greens and stir


  • I simply served this great tasting dish over some fresh greens and then added some sardines in olive oil



  • Other cool Primed cats who eat great Primed food like this are Mike Grogan, Mary, Anastazcia and Danah


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