Primed Warm Spinach and Sardine Salad

The reason the Primed Lifestyle is simple and easily maintained (eventually) is that it is not expensive, can be done any where, tastes great and you can maintain it for the rest of your life.

Here’s a cool recipe that I made for myself whilst on holiday in Switzerland using just a few of my favorite ingredients.

The picture on the left is Zermatt 2015 and 1987 on the right.


Olive Oil

Sardines in olive oil (can use mackerel, tuna or even anchovies)

Spinach (or fresh, seasonal greens)

Fried egg

Pieces of cheddar cheese (optional)

Warm Spinach and Sardine Salad


  1. Simply open the can of sardines and use the olive oil to saute your spinach in. Ensure this is done at a low heat. Or saute the spinach in coconut oil, butter, lard or ghee.
  2. Add in your sardines.
  3. Add in a fried egg.

Warm Spinach and Sardine Salad2

Warm Spinach and Sardine Salad4


Of course you can add other great ingredients like pepper, Himalayan salt, cherry tomatoes, avocado, cheese, bacon, chicken etc.

The Final Word:

To give yourself (and your family) the best Primed start to the day please avoid all sugar items like bread, rice, potato, breakfast cereals, noodles etc.

These food like substances (that are not nutritious) spike your sugar and set you up for an inevitable crash as illustrated below.


Sugar coaster

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