46 Eggs for Breakfast and Still with a Cracking Cholesterol Level. The Egg thing is a Big Fat Lie. Eggs rock.

Whenever we are in Boracay we always dine at Lemon Cafe (owned by Primed Sarah) and Nigi Nigi. If you set the record for eggs eaten within 2 hours at Nigi Nigi you “win” three free meals. Cool.

The previous record was 45 until I set my sights on this PRESTIGIOUS award!! Haha.

46 eggs first course

Pictured above is my first 5 eggs (I also ate all the sidings too).

46 eggs first 5

Pictured above is my next 10 eggs (fried in butter) taking me to 15.

46 eggs first 5 plus 10

Pictured above is my next 10 eggs taking me to 25. Can you see how big the eggs are? Certainly not your standard sized egg. As you get closed to the record their eggs get BIGGER!

46 eggs first 15 plus 10

Variety is the spice of life.

Pictured above is my next 10 eggs done scrambled. This took me to 35 and within sight of my prize.

46 eggs Scott Jackson son Mike

Pictured above is my last 11 eggs taking me to 46 and the record.

Luckily I met Scott Jackson and his lovely wife Jean. Chatting to them helped take my mind off my bulging belly. I gave them some Primed tips so their son Mike could reverse his gout. Coincidentally, Sarah’s husband Etienne had gout but reversed it Primed.

46 eggs not easy

I was sweating a lot as I ate my final egg and can safely say I could not have managed 47.

Nigi Nigi are cool and even give you a CERTIFICATE of ACHIEVEMENT

Poch eggs

Of course I walked the 7km to Nigi Nigi for breakfast and then home again. I also did not eat again until the following say.

46 eggs walk

46 eggs Reuben

Interestingly my breakfast the day before my Nigi Nigi world record (haha) was a 4 egg Primed omelette.

46 eggs pre meal

  • My son Christian has eaten 20 eggs at Nigi Nigi twice.

46 eggs Christian

46 eggs2

  • If any doctors tell you eggs are bad and to eat breakfast cereal then find a new doctor.

46 eggs

Some More Cholesterol Clarity

Cholesterol is a myth

Cholesterol fools

Manny architects cholesterol

Cholesterol Panel

amazing-cholesterol-ratios image

Cholesterol health

Poch PDI


My Primed clients results after only switching to her more nutritious food 3 months before her 2015 results. Her best result by A LOT for 8 years.

Her story is here.

Berns Tan Choesterol

Is actually Trig to HDL ratio.

Berns Ironman1



Cholesterol Derek

The Final Words

46 eggs1

Want to go Primed then please message me at:

  • chad.davis.1@gmail.com
  • 0929-421-2148
  • primedforyourlife (skype)

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