Franky and Family are THRIVING

From Primed Franky:

Going primed was a great decision, not only for myself but for my family. It has put my parents in a state I’e never seen before. I see they are more disciplined (admittedly they relapse once in awhile) but they have managed their lifestyle well and have maintained it.

Franky family

For the first 6-7 mos it was a challenge for me. Self doubt, angst with everything and just stubborness… i came to realize that going primed; you cant go into it with just a one dimensional mindset… it truly is an emotional/mental/psychological adjustment as much as it is physical.

Franky 3

As for me, huge changes! I am happier. I prioritize what is truly important and that is family. Time with them… i manage my stress better at work. God knows corporate jobs are always going to be toxic but thats what you taught me… that i can always be happy by being grateful and knowing whats more important.


Franky 1

On the health aspect, its been an up and down battle but ive managed to come down from 200 to 190 at this point. I enjoy my morning sun. Take my kids to get grounded every chance i get. I get sleep, i turn my phone off at night. No tv when in bed already (theres just a time during the day or night that we watch).

Franky 5

Its still a long way to getting the 100% but i know that me and my family are on the right track and are making strides.

Franky 2

We are happy. We are truly ALIVE. We enjoy every bit of our daily joys and struggles. Were primed that way.

Thanks chad! đź’Ż

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These Champs Do Not Eat C….Y Breakfast Cereal

Franky 8

They Prefer Cool EGGS

Franky 9

Definitely NO Sugar Drinks

Franky 6

Franky 7


The Final Word

Fiishmongersdailycatch hypertensio

Do you really think your meds will fix your problems? Do they address the root cause of your problems?


Take the drugs long term without addressing your root cause is not smart. Your problems will magnify and multiply. They must. You must make a change to expect a better result.


Make no mistake, a lot of docs, drug companies and hospitals would love you to just keep on taking those DRUGS.

Marie PCOS

Want to be Healthier and Happier?

Go Primed. Thousands are & THRIVING.

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