Primed French Cheese & Pickle “Sandwich” Recipe

  • Primed food is not difficult.

  • Primed food is delicious and nutritious.

  • Primed food need not be expensive as you can pickle your own cucumbers and vary your cheese consumed to meet your budget. The one here was at 75% discount. Yippie.

  • We prefer European cheese.

Cheese and pickle sandwich1


Cheese (we prefer European due to the generally higher food standards there)


Optional includes steamed eggs, green veg, kimchi etc.


Cut the cheese and pickles. Place on a plate. Simple.

Cheese and pickle sandwich2


Feel free to add steamed eggs and smoked fish like below.

SGV Primed talk food

Be careful though as you might develop more energy! Haha.

SGV Primed talk energy

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46 eggs3

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VCO Malagos choc2


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Optimal - Primed OVCO

  • The above is not true of course but Primed Organic VCO helps.

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The Final Words




French Food Rules 1

French Food Rules

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