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Soleus Cross Country Challenge Safety Tips

With trail running becoming more and more popular I wanted to share some tips to ensure you have fun and are safe during this spectacularly fun activity. No point getting some wonderfully Primed fresh air and then going to hospital with an injury. We will be competing at the Soleus Cross Country Challenge at Mt. Sinai this Sunday.

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Primed Korean Quiche with Kimchi and Duo of Seaweed

I personally love Korean food, and the people too. I have been several times with Enderun Colleges, went to the wedding of our friends Suzanne and Jason Koh and always seek out the best Korean shops where ever I live and visit on holiday. Having just moved to Pasig I am glad we have some cool Korean shops near us.

I met Russel at our local Korean shop late in 2015 and was delighted to learn he lost almost 6 pounds in 3 months when I saw him again in early 2016. Russel told me he followed the friendly Primed advise I gave to him and his colleagues that evening in 2015 as I bought some kimchi and soju. Russel said he also has a lot more energy and is less hungry having gone Primed. Cool.

In Honor of My Korean Friends Worldwide Here’s Primed Korean Quiche

Shout out to OnYoo, Butler (Kyle Shin), Jason Koh, Bori Kang, Tinsa (technically Vietnamese), Mandy Park, Anna Lee, Soojin, Boram Kim, Grace Lee, Glenn Kim, Winnie Kang, Caleb Han, Jinny Choi, Samuel Ham, Jane Moon and all my other friends.


Korean Primed Muffins - Ingredients

Nori sheets cut into strips

Malagos Kesong Puti from Davao

Ito-wakame dried seaweed (from your local Korean grocer – can use other seaweeds or even extra nori)

9 eggs

Himalayan salt, pepper and a lot of turmeric (great for you)

Kimchi (the favorite of my great mate Bill Brummitt)

Sardines in olive oil (bought from Legaspi market)

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Beautiful Tanay Trail Run on November 22nd – Top 10 Benefits of Joining

I will joining the Novemeber 22nd Tanay Trail run for a Primed dose of blissful nature, sunshine, fresh air, beautiful scenery, excitement and pure joy. See here for more details: November 22nd Tanay Trail Run.

Sierra Madre trail running12

Registration: (In-store): September 1 – October 8
Race Date: November 22, 2015
Gun Start: 6:00AM
Website: http://Facebook.com/amazingtanaytrailrace

I am delighted that the cool team from Mt. Labo Exploration and Development Corp. will be joining too. Yippie. It will be an unbelievably memorable and special occasion for them.

Mt. Labo Trail runners

The Mt. Labo team will see the greatest benefit of joining is the camaraderie on the trail. The atmosphere is special. Friendships will be forged and existing ones made even stronger.

Top 10 Benefits of Joining – Just Join It, It’s Fantastic

(1) The scenery. If you love to run then what better than getting to see the beautiful sights that rural Philippines has to offer? It is fun running through local villages and talk to the friendly locals, if only politely to ask for directions;

Trail running 1

(2) The fresh air. Well, if you have ever run along Edsa then you know what I mean. Besides the great scenery you get to breathe fresh, clean air;

Pimco Trail run

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10 Reasons Trail Running is AWESOME

The just completed 3rd and final leg of the Nature’s Trail Discovery Run (NTDR) was on January 11th in the amazingly beautiful Sierra Madre mountains.

The following NTDR III Trilogy Final Trail Running Race Report is to highlight the absolute beauty of the trail, the camaraderie and friendships that are enhanced during this unique challenge and highlight some awesome experiences that await those brave enough to step up to the trail running challenge.

10 Reasons Trail Running is AWESOME

1. Awesome Scenery:

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Sierra Madre trail running2

Sierra Madre trail running6
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