Primed for your Life V81 radio weekly segment to help Pinoys worldwide to live longer and better lives

Three Primed show offs below!

We had another fun and educational Primed V81 show today. We answered a lot of great questions too. Every Saturday from 5-6pm. See The program goes worldwide and is dedicated to helping Pinoys live longer, better lives.

Primed is the future for great health.

Serr John has now lost 8 kilos in 1 month Primed for your Life. Also lost hypertension.

Serr John but gained a lot of confidence and a much improved outlook on life.


#eatrealfood #supportrealfoodfarmers#primedreverseshypertensin #primedreversestype2diabetes #v81radio


 You can download the app here.. for iphone/ipad –

Even for my Primed for your Life  V81 Radio weekly radio slot starting September 3 I’ll be standing. It sets the example of the show on simple ways we can do more to improve the quality of our lives.

V81 chad

We reach a worldwide Pinoy audience so we can help people to live longer and live better.

Will have special Primed guests, lifestyle hacks and hints, recipes, demonstrations etc. so we educate and inspire people to have healthier, happier lives.


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