Primed Leo from The Wholesome Table is Up in Energy and Down in Pounds (30)!

I am so proud of Leo from @thewholesometable

Over 28 pounds gone since my Primed seminar late last year.

  • His friends are all impressed with his improved look and attitude.
  • He feels lighter and brighter.
  • Leo found the first week going Primed tough but now loves it.
  • Leo will no longer eat crackers and is eating less rice.
  • Leo has more energy with which to work better.
  • Leo has more energy so he can enjoy his LIFE more.

  • Leo’s basketball and work performance have improved.
  • Leo’s recovery is better from work and basketball.
  • He is better.
  • That’s Primed.

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How did Leo improve himself so much? Because he followed the Primed Lifestyle in which his wonderful bosses encouraged him to do adopt.

Leo is enjoying more sunshine, more water and eating more eggs, green vegetable carbohydrates and less rice.

Visit Leo at The Wholesome Table Estancia

He recommends the favorite of my mate Adam which is Grass fed Meat balls.

TWT Success stories series16

Primed Marie, Marcus and Lexi loved their Wholesome Salad.

TWT Success stories series20

My great pal Mayen loves their Wholesome Smoothies.

TWT Success stories series11

Anastazcia and Danah think Bianca Elizalde rocks (as I do) and love The Wholesome Table as well.

TWT Success stories series7

Primed Judith and I eat there a lot.  We love it too.

TWT Success stories series12

Primed Malou also loves The Wholesome Table. Cool people like this cool restaurant.


Rockstars too. Cheers Mike Yau, lets catch up soon.

TWT Estancia2

Victor and Greg too.

Victor Magno TWT3

Even the beautiful and Primed Bianca Elizalde eat here. Haha.

TWT Estancia1.jpg

My family also loves The Wholesome table.

TWT Estancia meatloaf

Watch out for more cool Primed success stories like Trish.

fiTWT Success stories seriesTrish

If you want to become a Primed Success story like so many worldwide then simply message me at:

  • 0929-421-2148


  • primedforyourlife (skype)

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