Wholesome Ronnie and Analie Rocking Their Primed Lifestyle

4 Day Update from Ronnie:

“Hi Chad, It was nice seeing you this afternoon at BGC.

Anyway, as mentioned to you earlier, we basically started last Saturday since it the only time we can prep things out. But since Thursday, my wife and I has started being under the sun during lunch time. As you’ve seen earlier how darker I was compared to my wrist line.

We are now on an egg, greens and olive oil based sardines diet, so far my wife lost 3 pounds already and 2 for me.”

“We’ll keep you posted and continue the path to being primed.  Kudos.

Wholeheartedly, Ronnie”

TWT Success stories series

1 Week Update from Analie:

“As of friday i already lost 5.8lbs... my blood sugar though its not yet normal but its getting low hope ill be within the range within 3 months time…

It was really hard INITIALLY without the rice pasta or bread, if i really craving and starving i just ate at least 3 spoons of rice … but i did i think just once this week.. mostly i eat 1 to 2 boiled eggs and coffee in the morning, greens or steamed veg/sweet potato at lunch and greens with tuna or spanish sardines with some fruits at night
this is our lunch a while ago:
TWT success stories Ronnie and Analie

oh before i forget last tuesday i got 5.6 sugar (its low and im so 😊 … but i know im getting there on reversing my diabetis and medicine free life thanks to you 👌😀 “

fiTWT RandA

From Chad:

I love everything about @thewholesometable Especially their staff who are Primed. Owners @biancaelizalde and Juan rock.

Ronnie Encarnacion and Analie R. Encarnacion will thrive with their new Primed lifestyle. Type 2 Diabetes will disappear. Once Primed and happier and healthier you want others to enjoy the same. That’s how we roll once Primed.


TWT Success stories series6


The Primed Lifestyle helps you to reverse conditions like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, asthma, PCOS, IBS, dysmenorrhea etc.

Primed helps you to build your immune system so you get stronger and smarter.

Primed reverses

By-the-way, Rosette from The Wholesome Table head office is also rocking the Primed Lifestyle with more energy and 5 pounds gone already.

fiTWT Success stories seriesRosette

Primed Leo fom The Wholesome Table Estancia has already lost 30 pounds and is THRIVING.



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