Chef Vanessa from The Wholesome Table is THRIVING with her Primed Lifestyle

I am so happy for Chef Vanessa from The Wholesome Table Cheers Bianca and Juan for being GREAT bosses.

From Chef Vanessa:

“My first selfie in my new home.

I was surprised that I was able to loose a lot of weight.

I thought there was no more hope.

Its all about having a change of lifestyle. It is not hard going primed but its how healthy you can be.

Thank you Chad Davis for guiding and motivating me to getting primed.

To my shady baby big thanx for introducing me to his yamanko salt.”

fiTWT Vanessa

Some Cool Primed People Who Love the Cooking of

Chef Vanessa at The Wholesome Table BGC

TWT Success stories series18

Primed Ancy, Jeff, May, Anne and Apo are thriving Primed. Down over 120 pounds and loving life.

The Wholesome Table Berns lunch1

Triathletes also love The Wholesome Table BGC. Right Berns Tan?

TWT BGC Michelle

My good friends Michelle and Dale and I have had a few Primed pow wow sessions there too. 

Andy TWT

Andy Pope rocks. His family loves The Wholesome table too.

Together we are 95 years old.

We have never been smarter or stronger. Good skin, energy, sleep, moods and outlook. That’s how we roll Primed.

That’s why every employee at The Wholesome Table is Primed too. It’s because their bosses care and show it. Thanks for a great lunch Andy Pope from Atlantis Dive Resorts & Liveaboards. Great food, service and ambiance again Juan and Bianca. We will always eat outside now. Love the “grass”.



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