Primed Glicerio Rocks. Down 25 pounds & loving his Primed Life. The Wholesome Table customers are loving him too.

I Really Love Glicerio. A lot!

If I had a restaurant he would be in my team for sure. He is hard working, friendly and smart.

How smart is he? Well, after my Primed seminar at The Wholesome Table in BGC he adopted the Primed protocols immediately. His health improved straight away too.

  • Glicerio lost 25 pounds in less than 90 days
  • Glicerio feels lighter and has noticed a lot more energy
  • Glicerio feels more comfortable and is happier
  • Glicerio is eating more vegetables, more eggs and less rice
  • Glicerio is enjoying more sunshine and prioritizing his SLEEP

fiTWT Success Stories Glicerio

Glicerio’s performance has always been good but now he is Primed he has taken it to a new level.  Owner Juan Elizalde (a great boss and pictures below) was showing me some of the glowing customer feedback Glicerio has been receiving lately.


Well done Glicerio.

Let me know how the guys you are mentoring are doing. Remember, the true path to happiness is to help yourself to be healthier and happier and  then help others.

We had a FUN Wholesome Team Building & Primed Seminar One Morning at BGC

TWT Success stories series19

Here we are enjoying GRATITUDE Exercise. I am grateful for their enthusiasm. They are grateful to have such great bosses like Juan and Bianca Elizalde.

TWT BGC training 17 gratitude

We walked, we ran, we jumped and we just stood in the sun!

TWT BGC training 14

I love supporting great businesses that look after their staff, the community and also other like minded businesses. The Wholesome Table is a great business worth supporting.

TWT BGC training 18

It is always cool to engage your brain when doing exercise. The Primed Lifestyle helps your brain first and then your body.

TWT BGC training 11

We also used some muscles. It was fun.

Chef Vanessa, lets arrange some outside fun for the chefs. OK?

fiTWT Vanessa

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