Ancy Palma and Company (5 staff) Gained an Abundance of Energy and Confidence & Lost Over 120 Pounds in Just 4 Months Primed.

I salute, applaud and HUG Ancy, Jeff, Anne, May and Apo. 

Without any structured exercise and with no medicines at all (or supplements) they have enjoyed some of the following health benefits:

Ancy foodfi

  • Lost over a combined 120 pounds (an average of around 25 pounds each)
  • Reversed asthma completely
  • More energetic
  • Happier
  • Fit into clothes from 2009 (wow Ancy)
  • More productive = achieving more
  • Feel younger
  • Look younger
  • Loving hiking in Mother Nature
  • Eye sight improving
  • Feels lighter (yep, 29 pounds lighter right Anne?)
  • Creating opportunities for a better life
  • Enjoying compliments from their friends
  • Pride in influencing and inspiring their colleagues
  • Pride in influencing their friends like Krystel and Agatha
  • Pride in influencing their parents
  • Pride in THEMSELVES
  • Are more grateful for their previous challenges and current successes
  • Optimistic for a great future
  • Loving having better health overall
  • No more need of expensive meds so saving money
  • Better state of mind
  • Better memory
  • Better mental cognition
  • More attractive to clients, boss, colleagues and people in general

Ancy has Lost More Than 40 Pounds in 4 Months and is THRIVING Primed

Ancy banda

  • Lost over 40 pounds in 4 months
  • Feels lighter, more energetic and happier
  • Did not need to exercise at all to reclaim her health
  • Achieving more due to increased productivity due to increased energy
  • Is enjoying more business opportunities due to improved energies and energetic aura
  • Fit into clothes from 2009
  • Is loving her fun outdoor activities like trekking, trail walking and mountain climbing (very cool)
  • Eye sight is improving with some tactics in place to improve further
  • Better brain with improved memory
  • Improved mood

Jeff is Looking Amazing and Feeling Even Better

  • Jeff finds the Primed Lifestyle expensive because he has to buy new clothes!

Ancy foodJeff1

  • Jeff lost over 28 pounds and looks so much younger
  • Jeff still has some work to do on prioritizing sleep vs. study and his sleep habits
  • Friends are shocked at how much better he is looking
  • Jeff loves his vastly increased energy and using it for fun outdoor activities like mountain bike riding
  • He also used his increased energy, confidence and attractiveness to meet Agatha. Groovy.
  • Jeff is definitely more attractive to himself, his employer, his colleagues and his clients
  • Jeff’s confidence is higher
  • Jeff has a lot better moods and is even more mindful and considerate of others. Cool

Ancy bandaJeff

Anne is Rocking it Primed

  • Anne lost almost 25 pounds and looks so much healthier
  • Anne’s smile became bigger as she became smaller!

Ancy bandaAnne

  • Anne’s aura is changing to one that seeks and welcomes opportunities
  • Anne loved her nature walk with May and will continue to enjoy this type of fun activity
  • Anne is enjoying the compliments from her friends with respect to her appearance and demeanor
  • Anne is proud that she is a positive influence on her friend Krystel
  • Anne is enjoying improved sleep

May is Inspiring Her Mum Big Time

  • Besides losing 11 pounds May positively impacted her Mum’s health. By encouraging her Mum to adopt the Primed protocols May’s Mum is doing great with vastly reduced expenses on medications and greatly improved health
  • May is very proud of her achievements (and should be). Pride rocks.
  • May used to be sickly but is now so much more healthy and happy
  • May is more optimistic and happy
  • May is bringing more gratitude into her daily life
  • May also loves mountain treks and Mother Nature

Ancy bandaMay

  • May lost asthma so is saving a lot of money by not needing meds and not calling in sick from work

asthma goneski

Apo is Cool and Getting Cooler

Ancy bandaApo

  • Apo is doing well Primed and will share his story with me when we meet next. Looking forward to that mate.

The guys loved my Primed Korean Quiche, Oven Roasted Garlic and Laing Stuffed Roast Tomatoes.

Ancy food1

Next time you come to my place I’ll have Malagos Home-made Chocolate for you all.

Ancy Food dessert


Optimal Primed Protocols sunshine1


It is why most Primed meetings our outdoors.

Sun Meetings

If you or your company wish to go Primed please contact me at or 0929-421-2148.

Also on skype at primedforyourlife




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