Primed Arnold from NEH Philippines Lost 5 Kilos and His Hypertensive Meds

One of these Arnold’s is better than the other one.

NEH Arnold

Arnold above was:

  • Carry extra weight around his guts;
  • Was taking Hypertensive meds
  • Had poor quality skin
  • Felt work stress
  • Lacked energy in the afternoon
  • Had headaches and lacked true mental clarity
  • Was no where nearly as healthy, confident and happy as HE SHOULD have been


This cooler, happier Arnold:

  • Has lost more than 5 kilos of PUSS (gut fats is worse than fat, it is an angry puss);
  • Is saving a lot of cash by no longer keeping the drug companies rich;
  • Has more vibrant and vital quality skin (an excellent sign of overall health);
  • Feels work stress less (home stress is less too);
  • Has a lot more energy in the afternoon and is no longer a sleepy head;
  • No more headaches and has gained more mental clarity (he needs that! Haha);
  • Is a lot more healthy, confident and happy. That’s PRICELESS

From Mr. Cool himself:

“Chad, I ate healthy breakfast and supper. I’m energized and not sleepy during daytime. I had the energy to cuddle my baby after work. By continuing primed life, I think meds will not be needed anymore ever again. Cheers, Arnold.



Be the best version of you. You deserve it. You deserve to be healthy and happy. 

It is possible.

Like Arnold said, it starts with breakfast:


Now that’s a Primed breakfast. Beautiful. Sliced boiled egg with home-made garlic tomato sauce & sardines in olive oil. Add rice and you are adding sugar and then have to eat less of the nutrient dense food that fuels your body AND brain better. Carol in Davao is rocking it. #primedforyourlife #nehphilippines#healthycompanyisahappyone #primedreverseshunger

Get some sun whenever you can too:


From a 14 year old Primed CHAMPION:

“Hey chad,

I am very brown now and I feel much better. I feel more energized and I don’t get tired easily.”

Another potential Primed client saw how her babies health improved markedly after getting more sunshine. She heard my talk at Executive Toastmasters Makati and her families life improved the next day.

#primedreversesacudreflux#primedreverseshyperacidity#primedreversesdysmenorrhea #sunshineisenergy#energyislife❤️

Primed reverses

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