Chromil from TaskUs Ph is a Primed CHAMPION – Like Sean Anthony

Two Fat Burning Beasts: Sean Anthony & Chromil


 Chromil wrote:

I am feeling great. Almost everyone is noticing the change in me.
Not only physical but my energy as well. I was worried at first that I might easily get irritated when I feel hungry. But I was surprised that eating a healthy meal would really keep me full for the whole day. There are actually days when I only eat once, and there are some when I don’t eat at all. Just because I am not feeling hungry. 🙂
Best part is, I am not feeling that I am losing any energy at all.

I am experimenting with different foods that I am preparing. Right now, I have cucumber pickles on my fridge so I can eat it when I feel a bit hungry. I also have a stock of vegetables that I can cook anytime.
Danish pickles
Although I admit that there are times that I still eat rice, but it was radically reduced.
Sonia rice
Thanks and I am looking forward in meeting you for some coaching again soon.

BTW, just an update, I followed your instruction to have my vacation. Last weekend, I climb Mt. Ulap in Benguet province. It was so relaxing and we really enjoyed the sun (although it rained at the later part of the climb).”


Chromil is a leader at TaskUs with others following his healthy living Primed lifestyle.

“Thanks Chad, Will update you when we have time to go to Manila.

As for the other managers here, they are following me at facebook and they are actually looking at the Primed foods that I am preparing. They are also creating their own version of it. 🙂
Filipino Kinilaw3
youtube kimbap
VCO Fried eggs
Eggs rock.
Optimal Primed Protocols eggs
Eggs for breakfast2

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