TaskUs Ph is Rocking It Primed. Primed Helps Companies Improve Employee Productivity & Satisfaction.

Dear All,

Please see 10 plus amazing Primed stories so far with Chromil’s Amazing Primed Adventure here. Guys, lets extend the love and wellness to all TaskUs employees right? The healthier they are the better the company performs.

Company health

From JC –

“Hi Chad, I am really thankful that I met you at this point in my life. My mom and I committed to a two-week no-rice challenge. So far I feel good and don’t feel sleepy in the afternoon! I feel less bloated and no more snacking in between meals coz I have less cravings for sweet ever since.

Please keep me posted with your breakthrough!

Hey Chad, I’m glad and thankful that you have inspired me to get Primed. No more rice and carbs since then.

Lost 6 Kilos and still counting.”

11 Reasons to eat healthily

From Charlotte – “Hello Chad, I would like to thank you for sharing your secret with us. I was very skeptical at first but when I started to slowly follow your tips, I see the increase in energy that I have. I still have cheat days, I won’t lie about that. But just gaining more energy is more than just a gain-it’s a win!
I am still having challenges of how to mis things up but I bet I’ll get more creative with my food as a go through this journey. Thanks again!”


From Sheila – “Hi Chad! Thanks a lot for all the tips. Your email is something I look forward to every week. 🙂 Keep inspiring people!

Inspirational Tony Robins

From Chad – Here’s some truly inspiring dudes. Our biggest challenge is to eat real food and get the sun!!!

From Helen – “Thanks Chad for the updates.  It’s inspiring to see great developments especially of colleagues.

Feeling great to be following your tips.  I never miss to drink two glasses of water first thing in the morning, & walking under the sun! No more umbrellas…only if it’s raining 🙂
We’re also ordering healthy food for our leadership meetings (nuts, not peanuts, dark chocolate and bananas – definitely NOT Subway sandwiches). More expensive, yes, but worth it. Still a work in progress, but getting there. Thanks again. Cheers!”
Optimal Primed Protocols cheat with dark chocolate
From Chad – You can also make your own Primed Dark Chocolate Crunch and Primed Chocolate Brownies.
From Anna – “Hi Chad, Thank you for your email. It is very helpful.  I’ve been making modifications in my diet and lifestyle thanks to your training. Regards.”
From Sharon –
Our session happened on a Friday and I talked to my husband about it as soon as I got home.
I weighed in at 149 lbs. that same day and felt both frustrated and revved up to make changes. You might not remember but I scored my health in the session a 3 over 10

I started the following the next day onwards:

1. Ate eggs, sardines in olive oil, canned tuna in water (never toxic veg oil) and either basil or malunggay in the eggs.
2. Started taking morning and evening walks with my 3 kids and husband. There were lots of cloudy days recently hit tried to get my kids in the sun much as I can.
Come Wednesday after the workshop, I weighed in again and this time was at 141 lbs! It felt really great to see results and most of all, amazed that I do not even feel as hungry as I feared.
Optimal Primed Protocols sunshine1

My youngest (who just turned 11 months) had colds that wouldn’t go away. A few days after time in the sun, he became better. 😊

Here are my challenges though:
– After the initial drop in weight, it seemed more difficult to lose pounds. Getting 1 lb off 7 to 10 days later.
– Seeing home-cooked, regular meals for the rest of the family makes it difficult to control craving esp. when it is my favorite “ulam.” I do resort to eating pieces of pork or chicken and upto half a cup of rice at times (once daily).
– Zero soda and iced tea (only drinking this before when eating out)
I wish I could keep on a strict diet and see better results. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Thank you! Regards.”
From Chad – Dear Sharon, amazing results so far so congratulations. Feel proud of yourself.
For more success follow the exact prescription I said to give you energy (what you did to already lose 8 pounds of angry FAT).
You MUST also limit the things you do/were doing that make you/us like zombies without energy, always HANGRY and ultimately dead young just like Steve Jobs but without his cash (useless when you are dead any way right?).
You have that all summarized on your sheet of paper as shown below. Follow that. Of course, getting a handsome and talented Wellness Coach ensures faster more sustained success. Haha.

(I am sorry, the summarized Primed protocols are reserved for Primed clients only. You can easily become a Primed client by emailing me at chad.davis.1@gmail.com or sending me a message to 0929-421-2148. My prices vary from free for those who cannot afford upwards. We negotiate what you can afford over a period you are comfortable with. A wellness coach should not give financial stress right?)

From Raymond –

“Hi Chad, Thank you for the continuous reminder.

Just to tell you a story, I attended your program on your first talk with TaskUs and I am grateful for the opportunity to understand how I can be better with my health. I have lost a total of 18 pounds in 6 weeks by regularly choosing better option for food, limiting the consumption of food that is unnatural, and staying away from products from grains.
I will continue to do better in my food intake, get more sun, and manage my sleep. My next goal is to have prominent abs as I know I can also do this inside the kitchen. I am an adventurist myself and I’m into extreme sports. I understand how nutrition is important for me to sustain what I love to do.
I will start to have a health and wellness talk with my leaders and teammates in the next weeks. Thank you for the inspiration.
I am looking forward for more of your emails. Again, thank you.

Happy be somebody
From Smart Raymond Again – 

“Thanks Chad, I will start in identifying whatever goals I want to achieve and go forward.

From Carmela –

“Thanks, Chad! I wanted to let you know that I haven’t eaten any fast food i.e. McDonald’s and drank soda since I attended your session.  POISON!

I have more energy and welcome any opportunity to walk, get some sun, adjusted my diet. 

I still need to give up breads and rice- my biggest weakness. L

I haven’t weighed myself but your reminder on target setting tells me today that I should just do it!  Thanks for the emails, they help me stay on track!

Optimal Primed Protocols fake food

From Lindsay –
“Hi Chad,  I am struggling with being in the sun coz I felt dizziness after 15mins. Maybe because my shift is on the graveyard. However, I manage to cut my eating habits, esp snacks. I stopped drinking sodas, iced tea and just do fresh juices and water. I bring baon to work everyday since then, I don’t have oven yet but my version is eggs, malunggay leaves, tomato, leftover fish or spanish sardines, in olive oil. I bought apple cider as well and drink every morning. All of these and noticed that I have smaller food intake and there are times that I didn’t feel hungry at all. Thank you for inspiring us. Shared all your work to my partner and family.”
From Chad – To be hungry a lot is a very bad sign from your brain. It clearly means you do not eat food that nourishes it. Why else would your brain make you hungry shortly after eating disease agents (what we previously called food)?
From Mark – 
“Thanks for these emails, Chad. Doing my best to keep up!”
From Gino –
“Hi Chad! This morning I did not eat carbs containing grain and plan on decreasing my carb grain intake.  Eventually  in the future, I’m hoping to eradicate it  completely.”
From Marvin –

“Hi Chad,

I’ve lost 3 pounds following the Primed lifestyle but have not been able to get sunlight yet.
I feel down sometimes and have had challenges keeping focus but I guess that’s part of the adjustment to no sugar.
Still trying.”
From Ryan –

“good morning chad,

in my last update to you, i mentioned that i have stopped taking coffee for 3 weeks and instead replaced it with tea. my latest update is that my consumption with rice has been reduced to 50%! In every meal I only take eat half a cup of rice. Even if I try to finish an entire cup I couldn’t anymore!
I’m really interested with the meals I’m seeing in your emails, this weekend i plan to go to the grocery so I can prepare these healthy primed meals 🙂
Chad’s reply –

“Magic mate.

Less rice must mean more of something else ie. real food to fight disease, nourish your brain and body and satiate you.

Cool. The rewards will keep flowing. You simply must do this for a better life and especially with your job. Love the updates.”
Nutrient vs Carbo Laoded
From Jan –

“Thanks, Chad.

Will definitely try to get rid of rubbish food that we thought were good for us.
Had a blast attending your session.
More power! :)”

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  1. very much willing to know more about primed lifestyle please give me more info regarding this thru email if it is alright with you thanks

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