Some More Mistruths Exposed About “Getting Healthy” Newspaper Article

I read a really bad article in the newspaper recently by some Australian “fitness guru”. Here are 5 more of his points in black and my reply in red. See previous critique of the article here.

Some of his 20 points were excellent such as prioritize sleep and eat more vegetables. He also said not to trust all fitness gurus. Cool. Agreed.

This is why I call it Primed  for your Life. I assess you, your needs, your tastes, your goals, your environment AND then we make the appropriate changes to ensure you live longer and live better.

Primed reverses

1) Drink more water.

More water means less need for drinks full of sugar. And studies show that people who preload their meals with a pint of water achieve extra weight loss.

Double your daily intake. We need to drink more good quality water.

Optimal Primed Protocols water1

2) Walk at lunchtime.

Sitting all day is the new smoking, so get outdoors for some movement, sun, and stress relief. Add a healthy meal, and you come back to work with positive energy instead of food coma and fast food farts.

Agreed. Use a stand up desk too. I am using mine now

Optimal Primed Protocols stand up desk

When you walk at lunch time roll your sleeves up and get into the sun. 

Also try and eat your lunch outside. Please do not hide from the sun. Do not get over-exposed and burnt (very hard to do with the weak sun in Manila).

3) Join the gym.

There are group classes, your mates, your new mates, music, and professional advice – all of it gets you moving.

This depends. It is best to do movement outside like walking. Maybe jumping and using your own body weight. Never touch the garbage food and drinks they sell at the gym. Why do they do that? $$$$

4) Quit the gym.

Checking your weight two or three times per week keeps us all on track.

No. Maybe check weekly at a max with your cloths fit, waist, energy levels, sleep etc. far more important measures.

Get outdoors by the water, and understand that bodyweight sessions are just as efficient (and safer) as any gym workout. And a dose of Vitamin D from the sun is damn healthy.

Yes, yes and yes.

5) Increase the fruit and veggies.

Only five per cent of Australians meet the daily guideline for fruit and vegetable consumption. That is appalling, and that must change.

Wrong again. Where is the context? Quality leafy greens rock. Especially with butter and coconut oil added. These veg are good any time I think. Be mindful of root veg depending on your context as I’ll explain below.

Garry Fettke2

Fruit are not in the same class due to having more sugar content. Hence the context.

(a) A Type 2 Diabetic/obese person should avoid fruit almost 100% (or greatly limit it and stick to berries etc.);

(b) A healthy person who got no sun that day should avoid fruit that day; and

(c) A healthy person in Alaska should also avoid fruit.

The Final Word

If your goal is to be healthier and happier then I believe I have the answer. It is through food and lifestyle adjustments. You can do it just like thousands of cool Primed clients worldwide are.

Mariano Fi

Abs Primed

Wanting to go Primed?

Email me at or text at 0929-421-2148 and I’ll explain the Primed program.

Basically, I teach you the why, show you the how to and then ensure the do. I also ensure your family benefits too.

Primed clients received a complete critique of the 20 points in the article. I give a lot of content on my blog of course, but also reserve private content for Primed clients.



One thought on “Some More Mistruths Exposed About “Getting Healthy” Newspaper Article”

  1. Finally, this is what I’m looking for. Am a Pinoy living here in the U.S for 20+yrs. been Ketogenic diet for a week now and on fasted state. Love the recipes.

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