Some Mistruths Exposed from an Australian “Healthy Living” Newspaper Article.

I read a really bad article in the newspaper recently by some Australian “fitness guru”. Here are 3 of his points in black and my reply in red. Please email me at if you would like the full article.

Some of his 20 points were excellent though such as prioritize sleep and eat more vegetables. He also said not to trust all fitness gurus. Cool. Agreed. This is why I call it Primed  for your Life.

Primed reverses

I help you to be healthier and happier in the context of your current health, goals and life environment.

I have picked 3 of this Aussie “Fitness Gurus” points that I disagree with. Happy to get your feedback/comments.

1) Enter an event.

Crossing the finish line is a fun accomplishment. Australia is loaded with 5km fun walks, 100km charity hikes, and (half to full) marathons. There’s something for every age and fitness level this time of year.

Nah, just walk more, move more and find an activity you really love. If that is running then all is cool. Do it, but never fueled with garbage food and drinks and never at the expense of sleep. To do that is not healthy.

Lauren Davis 37

I love running and my Soleus running team buddies. However, the main benefit of a race is the: (a) social interaction;

Corregidor Soleus teammates

(b) the sunshine effects for Vitamin D on my skin

Optimal Primed Protocols sunshine1

and; (c) to take your mind of life’s worries. I never fuel my running with junk food like bread, pasta, noodles, crackers, toxic veg oil, sugarade, soy, sugar, low fat anything and processed carbage.


Do not run too much, too fast or too often as you will learn by watching this video.

Watch this:

2) Portion control.

Eat less, would ya? Gluttonous behaviour is the problem.

Very, very poor statement. Too ignorant and propagates the blame game that big gym loves. Big gyms love it as it continues the myth that obese people are lazy and they eat too much. This then pushes people to exercise more which is a stress on your body. Very foolish if you fuel this excessive exercise with more of the disease agents (carbage food) that you were eating in the first place. Why do gyms sell Gatorade etc?

You can eat less only IF you eat more nutritiously. People are overfed and undernourished and this makes them hungry and needing to eat more. Technically they are starving.


You can do Regular Intelligent Fasting once you are thoroughly nourished. Then you simply eat when you are hungry.


3) Cheat, because it’s OK.

Some weekend indulgence with wine and a reasonable portion of dark chocolate is lovely treat after a healthy, hard working week. Just say no to the five times per day treats – you’re not a dog.

Ah, again context is key. I really want to achieve more and help more people. Hence, alcohol no longer suits my goals so I gave up. If some one is obese and sick then I would not cheat often. Also, eating dark chocolate (72% plus and still read your labels) is not a cheat. That is called normal. Haha.

Alcohol 1

Please eat real food and avoid fake food like toxic veg oil, sugar, sugarade, low fat any thing, grains, potatoes, corn and processed stuff.

The Final Word

If your goal is to be healthier and happier then I believe I have the answer. It is through food and lifestyle adjustments. You can do it just like thousands of cool Primed clients worldwide are.

Jenel Primed Champion

Normandy before and after

Mt. Labo Corregidor

Wanting to go Primed?

Email me at or text at 0929-421-2148 and I’ll explain the Primed program.

Basically, I teach you the why, show you the how to and then ensure the do. I also ensure your family benefits too.

Primed clients received a complete critique of the 20 points in the article. I give a lot of content on my blog of course, but also reserve private content for Primed clients.

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