Primed Tricia is a Primed Champ

I love being served by Tricia. Tricia has always been good but became EXCEPTIONAL once Primed (in my opinion).

  • Tricia has improved confidence
  • Tricia’s smile became even brighter!
  • Tricia continues to get great guest comment cards but they became even better
  • Tricia loves the sun even more now

  • Tricia did not lose or gain weight but gained HEALTH

  • Tricia loves eggs and okra
  • Tricia is an excellent employee at The Wholesome Table

TWT breakfast

  • Two thumbs up for fabulous Tricia.

TWT Success stories seriesTrish

So happy we have a great restaurant like The Wholesome Table in the Philippines.

Eat well at The Wholesome Table

Victor Magno TWT3

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