Primed Nia and Gen are Thriving with their Primed Lifestyle. Loving their Primed Nutrition (not just food).

I was so happy to catch up with Primed Gen today. Auntie Aleta rocks big time and together with Nia they are all thriving.

Gen told me she feels better, more energetic and stronger now. Her skin, eyes and vibrancy have visibly improved since I saw her 2 weeks ago.

Youngsters Nia and Gen are rocking it because their Mum / guardian is fabulous. We must help ourselves first to then really impact and help the ONES WE LOVE.

Nia and Gen4

Some great comments from Primed Aleta:

Aleta b and a

  • “I used to be Hangry every 3 hours with hands shaking, no focus and a meanie!
  • I am not yet hungry and I ate 4 hours ago.


  • Nia woke up excited this morning. I made her prawns and pimiento omelette with home made tomato sauce. She loves it. 
  • Made her zoodles for her packed lunch with prawns and tomato sauce plus cheese. She loves it.

Nia and Gen3

  • Nia is not even looking for rice though she wants to try Primed cauliflower rice since I mentioned it to her.
  • We love the food and Chad her tummy is smaller she looks happier

    Nia’s skirt was actually falling off. We had to use her skirt from last year because her waist line is significantly smaller

    Chad, I cried in so much joy

     Her grip is so much stronger too. Thank you.


  • Gen is enjoying her time in the sun with me and eating well.

The sun is on the Filipino flag for a very good reason. 🙂

Nia and Gen

  • Nia and Gen are enjoying their eggs and trying quality vegetables 

Raquel champs2

  • Gen has made excellent progress and is enjoying her Primed food.
  • Nia loves zudles

We Had Big Fun Making Terrariums

Nia fun

Made terrariums @ayalamuseum with Primed Aleta & Nia. Was so much fun. A very Primed activity. Primed is about having fun so you live longer & better. There are enough zombies in the world. Do not become one of them.


Children need our time and love. Not more stuff.

Children time

Children thrive9

Play time 1

The Final Words

Captain obvious. Primed is all about helping parents so they help their children to be smarter, stronger, more confident and happy.#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter#sunshineisenergy☀️ #energyislife❤️

Nia rocks

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