John Servillon Still Rocking his Primed Lifestyle. John looks and feels younger, has lost 50 pounds with no need to even hit the gym. Cool.

My primed journey began with a picture with an fhm model. I realized there that i have gained so much weight. For weeks I had been eating nothing but fast food everyday. I would order hashbrowns and sausage egg sandwiches in the morning and two orders of fries and a two piece chicken meal for dinner. When I stood on the scale I felt disgusted seeing myself at 185lbs! I tried enrolling in a gym, but i was barely losing any weight at all!

Until i started reading Primed for your life on how it is 20% being active and 80% diet is when things started to be brighter for me. I started eating breakfast with no carbs, just eggs bacon and sea weed and I would be surprised at how full I felt even with just these small portions.

Editors note – “Primed has evolved and food is approximately 20% of the optimal health equation with exercise a small part of that. Once Primed you learn how citical the other 80% is. For some changing food is enough, but long term there are other, more critical factors.

I took it up a notch when i read an article at how sugar is the major enemy of weight loss. So i completely stopped with sweets soda etc and holy moly I could see and feel the changes.


Understanding that fat is actually better fuel than carbs I have plenty of energy and knowing that is being burned rather than stored. Now im at 135lbs and i dont even go to the gym! Knowing that im eating healthy and avoiding these toxic substances we call sugar, Ive been feeling great knowing that what i eat is making me a healthier person and the results definitely show!

John College

Since ive been on the primed lifestyle, ive been receiving many compliments on how ive been slimming down and that my muscles are toning well.

Im back in college now and people tell me i look younger. Most of my school mates are 18-19 (im 27 now) hahaha. I also have gout but since going primed it has greatly lessened my gout attacks.


Primed reverses GOUT, Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, asthma, PCOS and much more.

Primed reverses

Yes sir! Haha ive also started shunning alcohol as well.

Alcohol 1

With Johanna Servillon and John Servillon at Hundred Islands National Park.

John beach

Thank you sir chad! happy birthday to your daugter as well 😃 doing well!
Im trying to convince my fiance as well to switch from all the sugar shes been on during her late night work shifts hehe


Ive also been slimming more and the muscle tones are coming out as well!
John family

Here are some other Primed Enderun Alumni

Ferdie Before and After

Pinky Primed
Jericho b&a
Maiko and Chad
Maiko 3
Enderun Alumni Joan
John V Primed

Very proud that Primed is helping the children of Enderun alumni.


From Primed Stavi, 14 years old: “I ate eggs this morning and Im going outside later so I can get some sunlight. � It’s really fun here in Bali, I’ve been eating more healthy and I stopped eating sugar and junk food. I also been eating salad and vegetables. Im going outside more and not using my phone as much. I’ve been feeling better doing these things. I really appreciate you telling me about getting Primed.”

Lexi is also loving her new found Primed energy. Primed was created with children in mind. It’s so their parents know the best way to nourish their developing brains and bodies with love, sunshine, food & drinks.

Hi Mayen Ramirez. Hugs to cool Lexi. Model material with a fabulous smile. 🙂

#eatrealfood #teachyourchildren #sunshineisenergy#energyislife❤️

Faculty Too

Mayen R

Martha and Udo

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