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Primed Organic Fried VCO Egg Stack

What is better than eating an egg for breakfast? Eating 4 eggs is better, especially when delicious and nutritious Primed ingredients are layered in between.


Of course, you do not have to stack as I have shown above with Edgy Veggy Mushroom Tapenade and Sardines in Olive oil.

See Primed Egg Stacks  Examples Below:


I read that we should use small plates to lose weight. Haha. We never, ever count calories. That is a waste of time and pointless. We just eat nutritiously & deliciously when hungry. Simple. Coconut Oil fried Eggs with Kimchi & Cheese. Primed Cinnamon Iced Coffee with Coconut Milk. Eat real food and you’ll reach your ideal weight (with other Primed environmental factors in place too).
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