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Primed Organic Fried VCO Egg Stack

What is better than eating an egg for breakfast? Eating 4 eggs is better, especially when delicious and nutritious Primed ingredients are layered in between.


Of course, you do not have to stack as I have shown above with Edgy Veggy Mushroom Tapenade and Sardines in Olive oil.

See Primed Egg Stacks  Examples Below:


I read that we should use small plates to lose weight. Haha. We never, ever count calories. That is a waste of time and pointless. We just eat nutritiously & deliciously when hungry. Simple. Coconut Oil fried Eggs with Kimchi & Cheese. Primed Cinnamon Iced Coffee with Coconut Milk. Eat real food and you’ll reach your ideal weight (with other Primed environmental factors in place too).
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Enderun Colleges Alumni Rocking the Primed Lifestyle: Gabs Lost 7kgs in 3 Weeks

I loved teaching at Enderun Colleges. I loved my now Primed colleagues like Udo and Martha (and Kenny, Calvin and Laura too).

Martha and Udo

I loved all the students and trying to help them know how to live a better life. I wish I knew what I know now then (my Dad would still be alive if I did). I would have taught the Primed Lifestyle of course. However, it is never too late and I am so very proud so many of my former students are going Primed. Here’s a quick snap shot of a few of them:


Gabrielle Gandriaux Zarei – “Hey chad just wanted to say i have tried some of your Primed recipes and have lost 7 kgs so far. Lots of love from nz gab xx”


Chad Davis -“Way to go Gabrielle Gandriaux Zarei. I bet you have more energy, better mental functioning, are less hungry and mysterious ailments are going away. Proud of you. Maintain and improve. Get the sun buddy. Thanks again for introducing me to the Hilltop Hoods on the day we traveled to help the children at Smokey Mountain.. 🙂 

Chad 038
Gabrielle Gandriaux Zarei – “Most def! I had a tray of 20 eggs last week and feel as it has definitely given me a lot of energy. No more rice or grains except quinoa which im trying to slowly get out of but none the less feel heaps better. Xxx thx chad will be coming to philippines either december or february and bringing some mates along. Would love to see you hun! Take care xxx”

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