Enderun Colleges Alumni Rocking the Primed Lifestyle: Gabs Lost 7kgs in 3 Weeks

I loved teaching at Enderun Colleges. I loved my now Primed colleagues like Udo and Martha (and Kenny, Calvin and Laura too).

Martha and Udo

I loved all the students and trying to help them know how to live a better life. I wish I knew what I know now then (my Dad would still be alive if I did). I would have taught the Primed Lifestyle of course. However, it is never too late and I am so very proud so many of my former students are going Primed. Here’s a quick snap shot of a few of them:


Gabrielle Gandriaux Zarei – “Hey chad just wanted to say i have tried some of your Primed recipes and have lost 7 kgs so far. Lots of love from nz gab xx”


Chad Davis -“Way to go Gabrielle Gandriaux Zarei. I bet you have more energy, better mental functioning, are less hungry and mysterious ailments are going away. Proud of you. Maintain and improve. Get the sun buddy. Thanks again for introducing me to the Hilltop Hoods on the day we traveled to help the children at Smokey Mountain.. 🙂 

Chad 038
Gabrielle Gandriaux Zarei – “Most def! I had a tray of 20 eggs last week and feel as it has definitely given me a lot of energy. No more rice or grains except quinoa which im trying to slowly get out of but none the less feel heaps better. Xxx thx chad will be coming to philippines either december or february and bringing some mates along. Would love to see you hun! Take care xxx”

Chad 132

Ryan, Pinky, Gabs and Kevin are all Primed mate. You? Hey Ian Ma. You?

Here’s the Hilltop Hoods song on gab’s ipod that I listened to on the bus towards Smokey Mountain.

Other Primed Enderun Colleges Champions Include:

Maiko Kanahashi Romley and hubby Dane lost 20 pounds in 1 month and feel amazing. Love your work guys. See the amazing Bento Lunch Box ideas of Maiko here. Beautiful stand up desk too.


Jericho Farineau – I’ll never forget the day I gave 6 foot Jericho some serious s..t for some mistake he made at Restaurant 101 in Ortigas. He nodded, acknowledged and then went on to rock it. This guy is cool. We then coincidentally met again many years later on a Philippines Airline flight after my Cebu half Ironman. He proudly showed me his jacket which was way to big. He said he’d lost many kilos following Primed in the past month.

Enderun Alumni Jericho

Jericho continues to rock his Primed Lifestyle.

  • Jericho Farineau – “Losing mad weight im 172 already (lost 4 plus kilos already). I stop working out everyday. I added rest cause the diet is good. I reduced the cardio as well and with the food that ive been eating. Im very focused when i do everything.”

  • Chad Davis – “Cool, quality trumps quantity any day. that’s cool. Now you have more time to enjoy life.”

  • Jericho Farineau – “Yeaaaah so true. No more small naps in the afternoon! Thanks for the great help buddy!”

Jericho’s food:


  • Jericho Farineau – “Hey Chad how are you! Got inspired again by your squash dishes but this time i made my own. Didnt expect that Squash can be a good replacement for carbs! Felt like eating Potatoes but less heavy. Made my own style of mac and cheese but all sqaush. Added some pesto and cheddar cheese hehe.”

  • Chad Davis – “I like it mate. Looks good. Make sure it is cooked in cococnut oil, bacon fat or olive oil. Never toxic veg oil. Cheers mate.”

  • Jericho Farineau – “All olive oil. Hehe dont know where to get coconut oil. Was looking for that in Riyad but cant find it. We threw all the veggie and canola at home hehe.”



Joan Tuaño – We had a wonderful lunch at The Wholesome Table at BGC. Very cool that Primed owner Bianca joined us. No wonder I love my job. See my very popular TWT review here.

Enderun Alumni Joan

Kevin Jingco – went Primed and got a lot wealthier. His Dad, Martin, too. Kevin has shed 7 kilos already and feels excellent. Better recovery from biking, more energy and is loving his Primed food.  His Dad’s brother was amazed that Martin looked so good when he saw him in the US recently. Cool.

Kevin 1 month


Pinky Puga – “Cheers to our Primed Lifestyle! It was so great to catch up with our Mentor & Wellness Coach, Chad Davis. Please visit primedforyourlife.com to get started on your Primed Lifestyle.”

 CiCou-Chad with Pinky and Nisz

— with Nisz Bersamin Fernandez and Chad Davis.

Pinky Primed

Pinky is also rocking her Primed lifestyle with more energy, mental clarity and a freedom from hunger and freedom from worrying about her weight.

Rae Aldrin Hao Lim – “I’ve actually cut out grains, sweets, alcohol in my diet! I feel great! My diet is not at your level yet but i’m slowly getting there and trying to get rid of all the bad food items! I just felt like i could benefit from fasting and give my tummy a rest haha!”


Aldrin will try intermittent fasting. My comments here: “If you have not tried fasting yet then you should give it a try and give your overworked digestive system a break. Not for pregnant ladies, breast feeding Mums, children or any one underweight. Should only be done once you are well nourished from your quality Primed food.”


John Villalon – “Health and weight has drastically improved 🙂 i dint lose much weight but i became leaner.”

John V Primed

John Villalon – “Hey Chad! Never been better! Im always energized to do my sports (boxing, muay thai) and even my trainers are surprised where i get my energy from and stamina to do both workouts right after each other with minimal recovery time. I usually just take a shot of Primed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil before i workout.”

John was “Heavy and Sluggish, always lacking strength, feeling bloated.”

However, John is now “Always energized, light footed, freakishly healthy and wow my recovery time for sparring is just under 2 days. after that im ready to go again.”

“During the transition, my stomach reacted greatly with the vco sending me to the bathroom simultaneously. Then 2 weeks into that along with stopping rice, noodles and bread, every time i eat those things my stomach feel bad and sends me automatically to the loo.”


John’s food:

John V food


John Villalon -“Am I doing it right now. Quinoa cooked in that primed bone broth recipe you posted . Organic eggs and chicken curry. Once I eat a bowl of this it’s good enough to keep me for another 24 hours w/o food intake just water and coconut water. I can even a quick run of 5km in the evening.”

MIM 2015 bone brothBone-Broth-PrimallyInspired.com_1-e1385761220433

John Servillon – A picture here says a thousand words. Looking good (vibrant etc.) usually equates with feeling good and being healthy. That’s the Primed Lifestyle.

John S

Elian – hubby of the fabulous Ines is even Primed. I have known them both for a long time and so happy their beautiful baby Paloma will be enjoying real food.

My family loves dining at their Tex-Mex restaurant Chihuahua. Review here.


Tiffany Lafuente – “How about those cereal boxes you find in healthy options? 😃 like Barbara’s cereals.”

Chad Davis – “Hi Tiffany Lafuente, UnHealthy Options sells baby formula that has TOXIC veg oil in it. Hence, definitely not to be trusted. It is probably packed with sugar and chemical preservatives. Even if not, it would still be too much sugar and absolutely no comparison nutrition and satiety wise compared to real food like eggs, sardines in veg oil, Filipino veggies etc. Hope this helps buddy. You rock. Your body and brain need real food. Your brain is 65% fat and a ton of sugar actually shrinks the hippocampus in your brain. Picture from neurosurgeon and practicing doc David Perlmutter, M.D..”

Freedumb from Grains6

Tiffany Lafuente – “Wow thanks sir Chad! 😃 yes i am using VCO now and im eating healthy now, except that i have to eliminate this cereal and almond milk that i recently bought in Healthy Options 😃 cuz sometimes i cant resist a cold bowl of cereal and im lactose intolerant, so i tried grabbing those cereal boxes in Healthy Options, but NOW that i know that it’s totally not healthy, i am happy to cut it out in my diet 😃”

Eggs for breakfast2

Just eat real food for breakfast.

Real food nourishes your body and brain.

It helps maintain a constant blood sugar, it helps build your immune system so you better fight disease.

Fake food feeds disease.

Optimal Primed Protocols fake food

Hey Enderun Alumni, need help?

Text me at 0929-421-2128 or email me at chad.davis.1@gmail.com

I am passionate about helping you, your colleagues and family to live longer and live better. Primed can reverse conditions like type 2 diabetes (my Primed St. Lukes doc, my Mum etc.), obesity, gout, IBS, period pain, back pain, PCOS, dysmenorrhea, headaches, brain fog, lethargy, stupidity (well maybe not – haha) and a lot more.

It’s cool to make mistakes but learn from them. If you are not healthy then there is something wrong. I can help and I want to.

NEH slogan1


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