Dane and Maiko Lost 20 Pounds Combined in a Month. Here’s How:

Dane and Maiko are loving their Primed Lifestyle.

The 20 pounds lost is totally irrelevant compared to energy gained, mental cognition improved, positive outlook enhanced, better immune system functioning, lower blood sugar levels (becoming fat burning beasts) and a lot of other positive health outcomes already. They are now fighting disease through optimal lifestyle habits (including food) and no longer FEEDING it.

Dane and Maiko2

Maiko (Dane’s wife) is an Enderun Colleges graduate (where I was one of her teachers) and she makes the most beautiful lunch boxes I have ever seen. But not this one (this one is guaranteed to make you sick, THEN fat!):

Dane lunch boxes

Now Dane and Maiko are Primed they do not eat grains (they are the seeds of grasses poisoned with Round Up before harvesting), sugar, sugar juices, sugarade etc., GMO soy, toxic veg oil (actually from seeds), white potatoes (too much sugar and generally GMO) and no packet carbage where they dump all of the above in because it is cheap.

The Best Lunch Box Real food Ideas here:

Since we’re going @primedforyourlife , @daneromleyart ‘s bento has changed a bit. More substance, no crappy fillers. Sea bass, spinach quiche with onions, garlic and mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, spicy scallops and water spinach (kangkong) packed in our @easylunchboxes #primed 

Dane lunch boxes1

#hangry ? Fill it with eggs! @daneromleyart ‘s bento: steak, big serving of scrambled eggs, cucumber slices and a baked carrot rosette. All packed in our @easylunchboxes .

Dane lunch boxes2

Finishing off those baked carrot rosettes. @daneromleyart says they’re naturally sweet and filling. Today’s bento: seared salmon, carrot rosettes, cucumber, pickles, tomatoes, mushroom tops on grilled yellow peppers. All in our @easylunchboxes#easylunchboxes

Dane lunch boxes3

Late bento post. Baked pistachio covered pork chop (it’s actually really good…collaboration with @yaaazitskat lol), carrots with hummus, bean sprouts, broccoli and tomatoes.

Dane lunch boxes4

@daneromleyart ‘s bento! Salad with fresh, local, jumping-around-before-I-cooked-them shrimp sautéed in herb butter and a side of vinaigrette. For veg we have mushroom tops, radish pickles, tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. Packed in our @easylunchboxes learn more about being primed with @primedforyourlife #teamromleybento#bento #bentobox #lunch #lunchboxideas #lunchbox#lunchtime #hungryhusband #easylunchboxes — with Dane Romley.

Dane lunch boxes5

@daneromleyart ‘s bento. Sticking to our @primedforyourlife diets. A salad with carrots and bell peppers with some renkon (my dad found some at a Japanese grocery), spicy scallops, grilled asparagus, cucumber in eggs, and a tomato. Packed in the @easylunchboxes

Dane lunch boxes6

Steak treat for my main man. Lean steak, cauliflower rice, asparagus, tomatoes, sweet potato, broccoli and renkon. He’s 11lbs down thanks to @primedforyourlife all packed in our @easylunchboxes 🍱😊💪🏻

Dane lunch boxes7

Maiko is Now Using a Cool Stand Up Desk

Dane and Maiko Stand updesk

The Final Words

The Primed Lifestyle works. It is not a one size fits all. Can you eat fruit Primed?  The answer is maybe, sometimes and it depends. If you are very healthy, got your sun for the day and it is in season then enjoy. If not, I would not and do not. However, that depends on your Primed goals.

Dane 1

Dane 4

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