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16 pounds lost. Period pain and headaches also gone. Primed Norma rocks.

Primed Norma rocks.

  • Norma is 50 but looks 40 now. Norma looks and feels GREAT. Norma is GREAT.

  • Her friends notice improved skin, energy, vitality, mood and zest for life. That’s HUGE. That is Primed.
  • If you lack this you lack life. Not cool.
  • Norma has gone from med to small.
  • Norma has no more period pains.
  • No more headaches.
  • Norma is smarter and makes better decisions.
  • Her eyesight has improved.
  • Her hair and skin have improved.
  • Norma lost 16 pounds, feels light and feels great in helping her loved ones like Icee.
  • Once Primed you help yourself and the ones you love. Too many people think me me me. They are wankers.
  • Norma is smarter and says she makes better decisions now.
  • Norma makes better decisions, faster.
  • If Norma makes a bad decision like eating pasta (glyphosate poisoned carbage) then she gets bloated and feels sick. Good. Haha. Norma’s body is telling her something.
  • Norma now realized she is allergic to cheapo carbos like bread, pasta and noodles. 

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Primed Mary is Morena and THRIVING

From Beautiful and Talented Primed Mary:

“Major points are:

1. DEFINITELY – period pains are gone!

2. I don’t easily get hungry because I eat 3-4 eggs in the morning! Boiled, sunny side up, scrambled, any way you cook it, I love eggs!

3. Glowing skin – because of more greens, and I’m not afraid of sun shine, I make sure I get enough.

4. More energy!


Thanks, Chad!




 |  Co-Founder & Head of Marketing , The Rise of the Pinoy
 |  Linkedin.com/marygabaya

Mary rocks big time and is the Lead vocalist at Istap Layt

Mary rocks

Mary Loves a Great Breakfast Like These

Mary G breakfast

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Dane and Maiko Lost 20 Pounds Combined in a Month. Here’s How:

Dane and Maiko are loving their Primed Lifestyle.

The 20 pounds lost is totally irrelevant compared to energy gained, mental cognition improved, positive outlook enhanced, better immune system functioning, lower blood sugar levels (becoming fat burning beasts) and a lot of other positive health outcomes already. They are now fighting disease through optimal lifestyle habits (including food) and no longer FEEDING it.

Dane and Maiko2

Maiko (Dane’s wife) is an Enderun Colleges graduate (where I was one of her teachers) and she makes the most beautiful lunch boxes I have ever seen. But not this one (this one is guaranteed to make you sick, THEN fat!):

Dane lunch boxes

Now Dane and Maiko are Primed they do not eat grains (they are the seeds of grasses poisoned with Round Up before harvesting), sugar, sugar juices, sugarade etc., GMO soy, toxic veg oil (actually from seeds), white potatoes (too much sugar and generally GMO) and no packet carbage where they dump all of the above in because it is cheap.

The Best Lunch Box Real food Ideas here:

Since we’re going @primedforyourlife , @daneromleyart ‘s bento has changed a bit. More substance, no crappy fillers. Sea bass, spinach quiche with onions, garlic and mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, spicy scallops and water spinach (kangkong) packed in our @easylunchboxes #primed 

Dane lunch boxes1

#hangry ? Fill it with eggs! @daneromleyart ‘s bento: steak, big serving of scrambled eggs, cucumber slices and a baked carrot rosette. All packed in our @easylunchboxes .

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20 City Running/Walking Safety Tips

Now that we live in Pasig City I am running all over the country to and from places like Makati, Quezon City, Paranaque and even old Manila.
When you have new and different routes to run it presents a lot of new challenges in terms of safety and running enjoyment.

It does not matter what country you are running in you need to think and plan ahead before putting on your favorite pair of shoes and hitting the street.

Here are my Top 20 Tips on Running Safety in No Order of Importance

1. When night running in the Philippines:

(a) Wear bright clothing so people notice you more and call out “Hey Joe” (most white people are called Joe in the Philippines – haha); (b) Carry small weights so you have something nice to give if being held up (never argue or fight with anyone as you do not know who and where their friends are); (c) Do some Coconut oil pulling for a fresher and cleaner mouth.

Running Safety tips1

2. Beware of the Dog:

Even the small dogs because their bark can really startle you and pump you full of cortisol. More dangerous of course are the bigger dogs so I simply cross to the other side of the street or ensure someone who is tastier is between me and them!

Beware of the dog1

3. Beware of the Person:

Generally you should trust no one and if seeing any one slightly suspicious treat them like you would a rabid dog. Cross the street, turn around or run away flat out. In Australia I have run with sand in my pocket and would use that as a first line of defense before running if attacked. It happens, so it is best not be naive and to be on guard. The picture below was taken at midday in Adelaide, Australia when an obviously drug affected guy walked past us. I put myself between him and my darlings and was super alert.


Ensure you take out an ear plugs if sensing danger and never wear earplugs if not absolutely certain of the safety of your surroundings.

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Primed for your Life Inspirational Derek Ackary

G’day Mate,

Thanks for adding my before and after pic to your facebook/instagram. Hopefully I can be a source of inspiration to others.

Derek Ackary before and after

Here’s my story:

Two of my best mates passed away recently, both within 9 months of each other. My first mate died one week before his 49th birthday in November 2013. He was massively overweight and led a fairly unorthodox lifestyle, and didn’t exercise. Being with him made me feel that if he could live that way, so could I, even though deep down, I knew it was leading to a path of destruction. But then I was in for a bigger shock 9 months after he passed on…

My other mate had a better lifestyle – he made efforts to eat well and exercise, but was a massive smoker and under lots of stress from his job. He died in August 2014, 8 months after turning 50. This left me absolutely shattered.

Two of my best all time mates, two of the best blokes you would ever meet, gone within 9 months of each other. Both of these guys were actually also mates and left us well before their time with various complications, as opposed to dying of “natural” causes. However, it was the second death happening so soon after the first that motivated me to take action for myself.
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