Primed Mary is Morena and THRIVING

From Beautiful and Talented Primed Mary:

“Major points are:

1. DEFINITELY – period pains are gone!

2. I don’t easily get hungry because I eat 3-4 eggs in the morning! Boiled, sunny side up, scrambled, any way you cook it, I love eggs!

3. Glowing skin – because of more greens, and I’m not afraid of sun shine, I make sure I get enough.

4. More energy!


Thanks, Chad!




 |  Co-Founder & Head of Marketing , The Rise of the Pinoy

Mary rocks big time and is the Lead vocalist at Istap Layt

Mary rocks

Mary Loves a Great Breakfast Like These

Mary G breakfast

Mary G breakfast1Mary G breakfast2

Mary Loves Zudles

Cool Primed Zudle recipe here for Zudles with Garlic Prawwns

Zudles with Tomato & BCScefi

Mary Loves Primed Kimbap Wraps

Mary G Kimbap

Mary G kimbap1

Mary Loves the Sun and is Primed and Proud and Morena and Super Proud


Primed Judith and Penny also LOVE the sun and eating REAL food

Mary G morena skin

Mary and Mike Grogan used to do the conventional way. Now they rock it the Primed way.

Mike healthy

Primed is a lot more than simply food of course. In my opinion it is simply 20% of the health equation. 

Best of You

The Final Words

  • Contact me if you wish to go Primed
  • It works and it rocks
  • Cell of 0929-421-2148
  • Email of
  • Skype of primedforyourlife


REMEMBER, nutrition is more than simply food. How Primed works: It is simple.

1. We meet. In person or via skype.

2. We discuss how Primed works, works easily, saves you money and is sustainable for a longer, better life and also helps your family.
3. We negotiate a rate and terms YOU CAN AFFORD and never more. Price is variable and ALWAYS AFFORDABLE. I passionately want to help people live longer.

4. We start. Primed seminar, recipes, menu plan, lifestyle adjustments and other help as needed.

5. Within 2 days life is better.

6. On-going support for months and years ensures you are successful.

My cell is 0929-421-2148. Email is Skype is primedforyourlife.

Primed reverses



3 thoughts on “Primed Mary is Morena and THRIVING”

    1. Eat real food, get sunshine, sleep well and you will reach optimal weight. If you need a wellness coach let me know.

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