Going Primed Can Make You Younger. Sixteen Cool Primed Examples.

Optamus & Daz (Downsyde) – FOREVER YOUNG – Hunter Tribute (language warning)

Forever young

Getting Younger Every Year –

IT IS Possible Once Primed. Here’s PROOF:

1. My Mum Sonja – love you Mum. Reversed hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

Younger Mum

2. Primed Sunny Sandra with 4 years difference from left to right.

Sandra b & a

3. Primed Aleta after just 8 days. Younger but also SMARTER. Cool.

Aleta b and a

4. Primed Cookie rocks. Both daughters improved their bodies and their brains. Cool hubby does not waste as much time in the gym any more. Fabulous. He now has more time for the things that matter – his family.

Cookie rocks

5. Primed Ferdie is over 50 but looks 35. Looks healthy. Looks vibrant. Primed Ferdie acts healthily and vibrantly as well.

Ferdie Before and After

6. Primed Marj is YOUNGER now and more confident and HAPPIER.

Marj b and a

7. Primed Eric ERUPTION Tai also became younger. A better body too. And a better brain. 

Rona Tai Eric Primed

8. Primed Mary is THRIVING and younger skin. Brown skin is BEAUTIFUL.

Mary G fi

9. Primed Ren Ren is younger in Hong Kong

Ren Ren before and after

10. I am so much happier, smarter and YOUNGER too.

Chad pale cw brown

11. Primed Serr John is younger too. Also happier, less anxious and no hypertension.

Serr Chief b&a

Hint on how to get younger – Serr John shows this perfectly.

12. Primed Kirsten is also YOUNGER in Adelaide, South Australia.

Kuitpo Forest2

13. Anne “sunlover” Renner reversed asthama and feels and looks younger. Wonderful.

Anne sunlover2

14. Primed Ingrid and Melo have younger bodies and DISPOSITIONS. They feel more energetic, vibrant and YOUNGER.


15. Primed Sophia is 6 months older on the right but looks younger. On the right she is Primed. Primed is the right way for children to thrive.

Definitely healthier and happier. Smarter and stronger. 

Dax Sofia1

16. Primed Rache from Our Awesome Planet

Rache Primed b&a

Rache has noticed the following:

  • Better body shape
  • Her clothes fit better
  • Lost many pounds
  • Lost inches from waist
  • Gets lots of comments from friends
  • Is sleeping better
  • Improved skin
  • Improved energy in morning and afternoon
  • Is loving her Primed food
  • Is less hungry
  • Is healthier and happier

Our Awesome Planet4

Want to become:

  • Younger
  • Smarter
  • Stronger
  • Happier

With better immune system functioning?

Go Primed. 

Te team2

Primed reverses

Some Hints to Live Longer:

  1. Eat local, natural, real food;
  2. Eat well and then again when hungry so do not be afraid to skip a meal sometimes (fasting);
  3. Have PURPOSE in your life that can be both short and long term;
  4. Sleep well and earlier the better to have a great circadian rhythm;
  5. Be involved in your community;
  6. Contribute to your family, friends and community;
  7. Move naturally through your environment (not the gym!);
  8. Learn new skills;
  9. Embrace your current age and have gratitude for your journey; and
  10. Enjoy simplicity and all things NATURAL.

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