My Mum Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Going Primed

Reverse the condition of Type 2 Diabetes once Primed. So many people are including my Mum.

This is from my Mum: “Hey I’m no longer diabetic boys, it can be done, just lost 10 kg’s, once going Primed I cut down on the amount of food  I ate, fasted one day a week. It works. Hey Sean call, miss you. Mother.”

Back Story from Chad:

I saw my Mum, Sonja Parker, for the first time in more than a 1 year recently. It was via skype as she lives in Adelaide and I live in Manila. She does not have her pictures on facebook but only those of her dogs and her favorite dogs!

I was amazed at how good she looked. So much more youthful, thinner in the face and with more vibrant eyes and skin. I asked her why?
She said “I have been following your posts and am Primed for your Life.”

That’s so cool. Very happy. Love you Mum. Thanks for providing Sean and I with a colorful upbringing. Haha. Right Sean? Thanks for being a wonderful Mum and always being there for us.


Additional Information from My Mum

  • Has a lot more energy and enough to start exercising again!
  • Skin, hair and nails are better
  • She loves bacon and eggs for breakfast (who doesn’t right?)
  • She loves coconut oil, olive oil and coconut water
  • Her doctor said “Keep doing exactly what you are doing.”


Please Know That Type 2 Diabetes is a Condition in Your Body That You Can Reverse.

My Mum did. You can too.

Diabetes Mum

Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) is Curable. Definitely. If any one says differently they are not telling a truth. Fact. Super docs like Jason Fung, Ted Naiman, Eric Westman, Garry Fettke and a lot more are reversing people’s T2D.

The Primed Lifestyle has a long list of people who are no longer with T2D or pre-diabetes.

Diabetes Cure Dr. Jason Fung


My Mum’s dogs  are Primed for your Life too. Haha. Seriously though, even dogs and cats are getting diabetes now due to the highly processed grains and sugars in their dog chow. My Mum makes sure they eat proper food.

Here’s a great youtube video from my Mum’s facebook page.


From my Mum – “Chinta my boxer took a shortcut through the front window to get the Magpie, $1290 later at the Vet, stitches in the leg and chin, and a broken window, what a dog.”

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    1. Dear Annie, Sure. My cell is 0929-421-2148 so we can arrange a meeting. Or we can skype at primedforyourlife. Where do you live? Cheers.

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