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My Mum Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Going Primed

Reverse the condition of Type 2 Diabetes once Primed. So many people are including my Mum.

This is from my Mum: “Hey I’m no longer diabetic boys, it can be done, just lost 10 kg’s, once going Primed I cut down on the amount of food  I ate, fasted one day a week. It works. Hey Sean call, miss you. Mother.”

Back Story from Chad:

I saw my Mum, Sonja Parker, for the first time in more than a 1 year recently. It was via skype as she lives in Adelaide and I live in Manila. She does not have her pictures on facebook but only those of her dogs and her favorite dogs!

I was amazed at how good she looked. So much more youthful, thinner in the face and with more vibrant eyes and skin. I asked her why?
She said “I have been following your posts and am Primed for your Life.”

That’s so cool. Very happy. Love you Mum. Thanks for providing Sean and I with a colorful upbringing. Haha. Right Sean? Thanks for being a wonderful Mum and always being there for us.


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