Chad’s 10km Personal Best at New Balance Power Run in a Ketogenic Fasted State

39:39 for my new 10km personal best at the New Balance Fun Run.

New Balance Power Run

Only 10 people beat 40 minutes and I was glad to be one of them. Pretty sure I was the first white guy. Haha.

I did the 10km in a fasted state (no dinner or breakfast) and no water during the race. No worries as I was well nourished and hydrated beforehand. ‪#‎NewBalanceShoes‬ ‪#‎SanteBarleyTriTeam‬ ‪#‎SoleusPhilippines‬

I had fun meeting up with Sante Barley teammates Junrox and Chris. It is always cool catching up with Raul. He’s the man. Hoping to run a sub 3:25 at his Condura Skyway Marathon next year.

The Day After My Sub 40 Minute New Balance 10km Race I Ran 40km During a 30 Hour Fast (Easily)


Regular Intelligent Fasting rocks. It is only possible once Primed for your Life as your food satisfies you and energizes you so you can easily last the fast.

I ran 40km to and from potential Primed corporate clients in a fasted state. Only fueled by Primed Cinnamon Iced Coffee and a shot of Virgin Coconut Oil.

My fast stretched to 30 hours and was easy. Lunch was till 1pm the day before my 40km run and dinner of Primed Bone Broth at 7pm the next day.

Chad pb4

My 1pm lunch before my 30 hour fast.

My dinner was only a delicious Primed Bone Broth with added nori sheets and I was fully recovered by the following day.

Chad pb5

I also did my 40km fasted exercise running with my cute little dumb bells. This was the day after my 10km personal best.

I drank water and coconut water only and never sugarade stuff. For my personal best 10km I had no water to weigh and slow me down. If you are well hydrated beforehand then you do not need water in a 10km race.

After my Fasted Exercise Day I Nutrient Loaded with a Primed Super Smoothie

Winning Habit #1: Start your day with a Primed Very Green Super Smoothie. Bitter is better!

Primed Super Green Smoothie had aloe vera, mixed greens, turmeric, pepper, coconut cream, ginger, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds a green saba banana (prebiotic for gut health), ampalya and water. Very delicious and super nutritious. I also added a shot of Virgin Coconut Oil into my Primed Smoothie.

Brain function

Your body and brain love great nutrients like vitamins, minerals and quality fatty acids. Your body and brain do not like sugar (grains = sugar) as they cause inflammation, fat storage and reduce your immune systems ability to fight disease. They actually feed disease.

Fasting Rocks and Fasted Exercise Rocks More!

Chad pb3

The benefits of fasting. There are too many to count. I love the mental clarity effects and knowing old brain cells are being replaced by better ones. A little like cleaning house!

Intermittent fasting

Fasting also reduces your blood sugars a lot and is an excellent protocol for people with insulin resistance/reduced carbohydrate metabolism.


Thanks to New Balance for my Fast Shoes

New balance

I love my light weight New Balance shoes. Perfect shoes for the New Balance fun run.

Running safety tips - shoes

Please, Don’t Cheap Carbo Load but Nutrient Load

Cheapo carbs will never, ever be the answer for sporting performance or life.

How can consuming inferior nutrients ever be the answer? They simply spike your blood sugar, cause inflammation, reduce your immune system functioning and harm you.

The high carb era will be known as the high carb error. Just ask the all conquering World Cup Champions The All Blacks. Ask the Australian cricket team that won the World a up. Or Ronda Rousey. Or Novak Djokovic. Or LeBron James etc. etc. Don’t get left behind on the sick bus.

Why Ketosis Rocks. Is Simply Primed LCHF with Low Blood Sugars

Ketosis rocks

I ensure my sporting events are in ketosis. My blood sugar was 70 the morning of my 10km race which I estimate was a ketone readings between 1 and 1.6. Also when doing large Primed presentations so I can think more clearly and with greater focus.

TaskUs Presentation8

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