Primed Marriz and Jasmin Rock Big Time

Marriz, Jasmin and their Daughter Janine are Eating Their Way to Great Health

They are looking and feeling fabulous.

Marriz and Jasmin holiday

Summary of The Primed Benefits for Marriz in 2 Months

Besides losing quite a few kilos Marriz has a lot more energy and is no longer sleepy after his morning traiathlon training.

Marriz has a much better recovery from his training and races.

Marriz performed strongly at the Run-United Philippines marathon with no cramping for the first time ever.

Marriz RU

Instead of using sickly sugar gels and sugarade drinks Marriz used Primed Home-made Gel and drank water only.

Any Cuts are Healing faster for Marriz

Marriz had a nasty fall in the initial pitch dark stages of the Run-United Philippines marathon. Despite a badly scratched and bloody leg Marriz carried on bravely to his marathon finish. Then he watched in amazement as his cuts healed far quicker than ever before. This is the power your body possesses when it enjoys optimal nutrition.

RUPM Nutrition

Summary of The Primed Benefits for Jasmin in 2 Months

Jasmin has been sleeping very well and definitely no more snoring.

Jasmin’s skin looks so alive and vibrant.

With the nutritious and delicious meals they have been enjoying Jasmin never feels hungry. Her food satisfies her and she thinks of food less often. There is no more bloating.

Marriz and Jasmin holiday1

Jasmin Has Been making Some Fabulous Primed Dishes

Marriz and Jasmin Food fimage

Jasmin is learning new cooking skills and getting good exercise whilst preparing excellent food.

Marriz and Jasmin are also enjoying discovering great new places to buy wonderfully fresh produce.

Marriz Agbon is protecting his brain with a Primed Lifestyle because of his blood sugar control.

Blood sugar control

“There is a direct relationship to a persons blood sugar level average and the rate at which their brain shrinks and specifically their memory center.” Neurologist David Perlmutter M.D. quoting an article in the Journal of Neurology.

“Just this morning I got 100, from 140s a month ago.”

I was startled this morning to see my blood glucose monitor register an 84. I couldn’t remember the last time i saw 84 on my monitor. Primed Lifestyle rocks!”

Please remember that you can easily reduce your blood sugar average by going Primed and eating real food which means no Grains, Soy, Veg Oil, Low-fat carbage and Processed disease agents. Marriz is reversing his Type 2 Diabetes.

This Wonderful Couple Have Come A Long Way in a Few Months Since We First Dined at Green Pastures


If you want to get healthier please feel free to contact me at 0929-421-2148 or Cheers.

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