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16 pounds lost. Period pain and headaches also gone. Primed Norma rocks.

Primed Norma rocks.

  • Norma is 50 but looks 40 now. Norma looks and feels GREAT. Norma is GREAT.

  • Her friends notice improved skin, energy, vitality, mood and zest for life. That’s HUGE. That is Primed.
  • If you lack this you lack life. Not cool.
  • Norma has gone from med to small.
  • Norma has no more period pains.
  • No more headaches.
  • Norma is smarter and makes better decisions.
  • Her eyesight has improved.
  • Her hair and skin have improved.
  • Norma lost 16 pounds, feels light and feels great in helping her loved ones like Icee.
  • Once Primed you help yourself and the ones you love. Too many people think me me me. They are wankers.
  • Norma is smarter and says she makes better decisions now.
  • Norma makes better decisions, faster.
  • If Norma makes a bad decision like eating pasta (glyphosate poisoned carbage) then she gets bloated and feels sick. Good. Haha. Norma’s body is telling her something.
  • Norma now realized she is allergic to cheapo carbos like bread, pasta and noodles. 

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Anne “sunlover’ Renner and Family are THRIVING

Primed Anne

  • Anne no longer has asthma, feels less stressed, saves money by no longer taking vitamins and is saving money because her family now prefers their Primed food at home instead of going to restaurants often.

Anne said:

  • “My highlight is the energy I have. There’s the 30 hour commute each week now – I find myself focused all day and can still drive back home.
  • Still not taking vitamins since May.
  • Sun is energy. I make sure I get some sun when I can.”

Sun Filipino

Anne went Primed because she has a great Primed friend called Rona. Rona rocks.

Rona Tai Makati Shang

Anne’s Children Janella, Zachary and Jezreel are also thriving:

Janella Rocks

From Primed Janella, 15 years old and very wise: “What I love about being Primed? Being Primed gives me an opportunity to be the best version of me, and I love it!”

  • Is less cranky with a better mood


  • Janella no longer has teenage sleep issues and is sleeping better
  • Janella has clearer skin
  • Is more productive and less sleepy
  • Is enjoying being healthy
  • Has more focus on her activities
  • Is happy with her fun lifestyle change and feels it is easily sustainable.

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Primed Mary is Morena and THRIVING

From Beautiful and Talented Primed Mary:

“Major points are:

1. DEFINITELY – period pains are gone!

2. I don’t easily get hungry because I eat 3-4 eggs in the morning! Boiled, sunny side up, scrambled, any way you cook it, I love eggs!

3. Glowing skin – because of more greens, and I’m not afraid of sun shine, I make sure I get enough.

4. More energy!


Thanks, Chad!




 |  Co-Founder & Head of Marketing , The Rise of the Pinoy
 |  Linkedin.com/marygabaya

Mary rocks big time and is the Lead vocalist at Istap Layt

Mary rocks

Mary Loves a Great Breakfast Like These

Mary G breakfast

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Primed helps you to become pregnant. Welcome to the world baby Rain Lanuza.

Primed helps parents conceive. Cool. So many joyful examples.

Revelyn told me that she tried to become pregnant for many, many years.

Then, 2 months after my Primed seminar at The Wholesome Table Salcedo Village Revelyn became pregnant. Yippie.

Revelyn made simple changes like more eggs, no bread etc. and more sun.

  • Mother’s milk is 50% fat (our brain is 65%) and babies need the sun and sleep to build their immune system and brains.

Ronell Lanuza

Proud Dad Ronell with beautiful Rain who was a natural born baby. Cool.

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