16 pounds lost. Period pain and headaches also gone. Primed Norma rocks.

Primed Norma rocks.

  • Norma is 50 but looks 40 now. Norma looks and feels GREAT. Norma is GREAT.

  • Her friends notice improved skin, energy, vitality, mood and zest for life. That’s HUGE. That is Primed.
  • If you lack this you lack life. Not cool.
  • Norma has gone from med to small.
  • Norma has no more period pains.
  • No more headaches.
  • Norma is smarter and makes better decisions.
  • Her eyesight has improved.
  • Her hair and skin have improved.
  • Norma lost 16 pounds, feels light and feels great in helping her loved ones like Icee.
  • Once Primed you help yourself and the ones you love. Too many people think me me me. They are wankers.
  • Norma is smarter and says she makes better decisions now.
  • Norma makes better decisions, faster.
  • If Norma makes a bad decision like eating pasta (glyphosate poisoned carbage) then she gets bloated and feels sick. Good. Haha. Norma’s body is telling her something.
  • Norma now realized she is allergic to cheapo carbos like bread, pasta and noodles. 

#primednutritionfeedsyourbrain#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter#sunshineisenergy☀️ #energyislife❤️#brownskinrocks🌟🌟

Norma Primed 1

Primed Norma’s Words

“Hi chad it was amazing. I learned a lot. Actually i am really working on losing weight. Trying everything i even drink herbalife tea and shake. (Yikes, no more please N. – From Chad – the ingredients of Herbalife are not good).

I do the two glasses of water when i wake up warm water and i love drinking tea too. Bread my favorite and crackers but after hearing what u said today hmmmm im gonna clean up my pantry.
I will promise i will follow what everything that u said earlier…being healthy is one of my goal this year😊
And the thing u said about the sun…honestly my mindset no to dark skin so i use sunblock a lot. From body lotion to my face. But now it will definitely change.”
“Its my one week of not eating rice😊 and no fitnesse hahaha😉.”
Raquel champs2

From Chad – Does anyone start your day with this or any other form of boxed stuff?

Try eating the box just to see if it is more nutritious! These ingredients speak for themselves. YIKES! OMG, what a tremendous contradiction to call this packet of carbage “Fitnesse”. Imagine the laughter when someone came up with that name…… Maybe Fitnesse is an acronym for:

F – Food like substance cleverly marketed to look like it is good for you.

I – Inflammatory grains, sugar and chemicals inside.

T – Totally devoid of nutrients but we will spend a lot to convince you otherwise.

N – Not really fit for any one, let alone the children we market it to.

E – Energy crashes are guaranteed once your blood sugar crashes shortly after eating this.

S – Soy is a GMO product that is estrogenic.

S – Sugar is also Glucose Syrup and Wheat Grains so this is basically a packet of sugar.

E – Emotional crash matches your blood sugar crash.



My dinner: Mixed veges cooked in olive oil and lots of onions and garlic.
Green veg1

Update from Norma – “Hi. Thank u again chad am feeling great..its almost 11 days no rice. Thing i notice i dont get sleepy in the afternoon at the after. I usually do after lunch but now im full of energy..i the morning i walk and feel the sun. One time i stopped and just looked up stretch my hands i forgot people were behind me and they asked if i was ok and said yes am wonderful just enjoying the sun and smiled.
I think my goal of getting a small tummy is almost happening i lost an inch😉
Thanks a million chad u rock🤗

Thanks, Norma.”

Manny architects baby steps

The Final Word

Yes to life - louise-hay-yes-to-life

The Primed Lifestyle is fun and not difficult. We all deserve to be healthy and happy.

Beach life4

Beach life6

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