Primed helps you to become pregnant. Welcome to the world baby Rain Lanuza.

Primed helps parents conceive. Cool. So many joyful examples.

Revelyn told me that she tried to become pregnant for many, many years.

Then, 2 months after my Primed seminar at The Wholesome Table Salcedo Village Revelyn became pregnant. Yippie.

Revelyn made simple changes like more eggs, no bread etc. and more sun.

  • Mother’s milk is 50% fat (our brain is 65%) and babies need the sun and sleep to build their immune system and brains.

Ronell Lanuza

Proud Dad Ronell with beautiful Rain who was a natural born baby. Cool.

Rain Lanuza

Mother’s Milk rocks.

Breast milk4Breast milk2

Breast milk3

Revelyn is Primed because she has great bosses who really care for her as a staff member and a person.


All Primed clients love supporting this great business. The Wholesome table rocks.

Enderun Alumni Joan

TWT Success stories series12TWT Success stories series20

TWT Mt.Labo


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