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20 City Running/Walking Safety Tips

Now that we live in Pasig City I am running all over the country to and from places like Makati, Quezon City, Paranaque and even old Manila.
When you have new and different routes to run it presents a lot of new challenges in terms of safety and running enjoyment.

It does not matter what country you are running in you need to think and plan ahead before putting on your favorite pair of shoes and hitting the street.

Here are my Top 20 Tips on Running Safety in No Order of Importance

1. When night running in the Philippines:

(a) Wear bright clothing so people notice you more and call out “Hey Joe” (most white people are called Joe in the Philippines – haha); (b) Carry small weights so you have something nice to give if being held up (never argue or fight with anyone as you do not know who and where their friends are); (c) Do some Coconut oil pulling for a fresher and cleaner mouth.

Running Safety tips1

2. Beware of the Dog:

Even the small dogs because their bark can really startle you and pump you full of cortisol. More dangerous of course are the bigger dogs so I simply cross to the other side of the street or ensure someone who is tastier is between me and them!

Beware of the dog1

3. Beware of the Person:

Generally you should trust no one and if seeing any one slightly suspicious treat them like you would a rabid dog. Cross the street, turn around or run away flat out. In Australia I have run with sand in my pocket and would use that as a first line of defense before running if attacked. It happens, so it is best not be naive and to be on guard. The picture below was taken at midday in Adelaide, Australia when an obviously drug affected guy walked past us. I put myself between him and my darlings and was super alert.


Ensure you take out an ear plugs if sensing danger and never wear earplugs if not absolutely certain of the safety of your surroundings.

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