Primed Chen is Rocking it. Three Kilos Gone Already & Off the Meds. Yippie.

Primed Chen lost 3 kilos in 20 days. Cool. Chen is gaining more confidence, energy, mental clarity and happiness. That is the Primed Lifestyle. I love my job.

NEH motivation


Thanks for sharing your Primed journey at the NEH Philippines company outing Chen. Well said. Now Primed your hunger pangs have disappeared from eating real food.That is very, very good sign.


It is not a good sign to be constantly hungry. Your Primed food will satisfy you and fill you up. Eat lots of eggs, greens, seafood and drink more water in the sun!

Cholesterol improvements

NEH Chen fi

Chen will soon be off her hypertensive medicine and saving a lot of cash. Cool.

NEH featured image

Any time you but fake food CARBAGE you should have been supporting real food farmers.

Real food helps farmers, your body and your brain.

Fake food is against farmers and hurts you and your loved ones. FACT.

Anytime is the right time to2

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