Primed Super Couple Franz & Ghia

A picture sometimes says a lot more than words. So, here is the featured image again of Primed Franz and Ghia Fabiana.

Primed Super Couple

Ghia said “I love working out with my husband. We motivate each other and push each other to be the best that we can be.

Our diet is not totally 100% clean yet but we’re working on it to keep it balanced.  We try and eat real food and avoid sugars, grains and definitely vegetable oil.

We really felt the difference in every change we’re up to. Even Franz lost a few pounds and still he felt stronger in everything he does. And that only proves that eating real food is much better than anything else.

This is a permanent life style changed for me and Franz that is easy to maintain. And we are so happy because we choose to live happy and healthy at this early age.

This is the best bonding a couple like us could have until we grow older.”

111Primed couple

From Ghia “Thanks to Chad Davis for showing us the Primed Lifestyle!”

111Primed super couple

Franz and Ghia First Went Primed Before The Malaysian Ironman of Franz and Their Wedding


Taken from my Malaysian Ironman report in October 2014: Franz Fabiana (and his beautiful wife Ghia Mina) started following the Primed Lifestyle a few months before Langkawi Ironman and says it gave him more energy for life, better mental clarity and also a racing weight of almost 15 pounds less!!

Franz also looked better in his wedding suit and birthday suit for the honeymoon!

The Final Word

If Franz and Ghia became more healthy, surely you can too. Time to prioritize your health because that is what truly matters in life.

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