20 Pounds in 2 Months for Primed Always Smiling Bhong

When you give freely you receive more back in return. You receive great pride, satisfaction and personal joy.


Bhong gives me a wonderful smile and great joy whenever I see him near the Bel-Air gate along Jupiter Street. I love Bhong. I love his smile, personality and the fact he is always happy. I have learn’t a lot from Bhong since we first met and became friends over 2 years ago.

Bhong Smiley

Giving Back to Bhong

It had been my absolute pleasure to impart some Primed knowledge to Bhong as I have tried to inspire him to become more healthy.

Amazingly I almost didn’t recognize the new slimmer Bhong when I saw him today. He has lost 20 pounds in 2 months and is looking great.

Bhong Cadelina1

Looking Great but Feeling Even Better

Bhong adopted the Primed Lifestyle in early 2015 and besides his weight loss he has fixed his painful gout foot that was affecting his life and happiness. His uric acid is now in check and the pain has gone. By giving up grains and greatly reducing his rice and sugar Bhong has reduced the inflammation in his body. Bhong is eating more nutrient dense foods like eggs, kangkong and malunggay.

Bhong said he has a lot more energy, feels stronger and has less aches and pains than ever.

Legaspi Sunday Market_Primed_for_your_Life_produce

Why Is Bhong Always Smiling?

I asked Bhong why he always smiles and is so full of the joys of life. His answer was simple and yet profound. He said it is because “People like it”. Bhong loves to give and share his smile. This is what inspired me to help him out with some running gear so he can enjoy the joys of walking and/or running once his food gives him the energy to do so.

Friends are More Important Than Possessions

Besides the k-swiss shoes, Melbourne Ironman water bottle, running belt, socks, running shirt and running pants I also gave Bhong my favorite running cap.

Bhong Cadelina2

Why would I give my favorite running cap that I used in my 3:28 personal best marathon as part of my 2014 Melbourne Ironman?


Possessions do not make the man. Your actions do. I want to continue to inspire Bhong and ensure he continues his Primed journey. It is essential that he does for his own sake, for his wife Rose and 3 beautiful children. The change he has accomplished is profound. Maintaining that and improving is his next challenge. Bhong will succeed.

Lets Give and Receive!

One of my favorite Primed clients (who shall remain anonymous) bought an expensive suit 6 months ago but because of his Primed Lifestyle the suit is way too big now. He has to get getting it tailored and made smaller!

Anyway, for all my Primed friends who are getting fitter and healthier, and whose clothes no longer fit, lets give them away.

Lets clean out our closets and and find some great people like Bhong who will appreciate your clothes that no longer fit you.

Remember that with your Primed Lifestyle you will never be that size again seeing the Primed Lifestyle is easy to maintain. Right Maiqui?

Maiqui family

Maiqui lost 30 pounds in 3 months but more importantly he has kept it off and looks better than ever.

Maiqui before and after

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