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Doing an Ironman Primed/Fat Adapted Compared to a Non-Primed Ironman

There is no such thing as an easy Ironman event. 3.8km swim, a 180km bike and then a 42.2km run is tough no matter how fit you are. There is wear and tear on your body before, during and after the event. It takes many hours of training and discipline to be able to complete one so you can say “I am an Ironman.” However, what if you train too much and do more harm than good?

What if you could achieve Ironman status with less wear and tear on your body, have faster recovery after training sessions and the event itself, be able to spend more time with your family and friends (as opposed to gaining what could be “junk” miles pounding the pavement), have less chance of injury and still have a better body (lighter and stronger) and sharper mind?

I have completed Japan Ironman (14:07:55) with the standard lots of hours training (20/week) and supposedly healthy diet (grains) and I have completed Malaysia Ironman (14:03:55) with less training hours (just 9/week) and a Primed Lifestyle (no grains/sugars etc.). I also weighed 10kg less and had more energy this way.

This post is to compare the two Ironman events in which one was Primed (Malaysia) and the other non-Primed (Japan).

Just as another comparison, I also completed Melbourne Ironman after Japan Ironman with 18 hours training a week and leading the Primed Lifestyle in 11:41:23. An improvement of 2 hours and 20 minutes in around 6 months.


Primed Food Compared with Non-Primed Food

Prior to Japan Ironman I was eating the SAD way. SAD is an acronym for Standard Australian Diet where we eats lots of carbs and sugar and think it’s healthy (the Government and dietitians actually recommend this which is why we are one of the most obese countries in the world). I was exercising 20 hours a week, was more susceptible to injury, was often very tired and was 73 kilos.

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Best of Luck in Japan Ironman Jong, Gregie, Harley, Samuel, Patrick, Anna, Miguel & Matt

Japan Ironman in beautiful Hokkaido is this Sunday August 23rd.

Good luck to all competitors including the 8 representing the Philippines. See the Japan Ironman page here.

Be safe, have fun and enjoy every aspect of your wonderful journey.

The 8 Filipinos Racing are:

Jong Sajulga
Gregie Pamakid
Harley Keith Yu
Samuel Lapena
Patrick Gan
Anna Grace Arbolario
Miguel Luis Pelino
Matt Paz De Leon

Check their progress with the Live Japan Ironman Athlete Tracker here.

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7 Reasons to Love Japan

I completed my first Ironman late at night in the cold and rain of Hokkaido on the 31st of August 2013. I almost cried as I approached the finish line as I thought of my wife, children and my Ironman journey.


I loved every minute of the very tough race but even better was the whole experience of travelling in Japan and enjoying their culture, the beautiful scenery, delicious food and friendly people.

Japan Ironman will be later this month on August 23rd 2015 and is definitely one to consider for the future.

Our Filipino super triathlete Jong Saljulga is racing this one and we wish him all the best. If any one else is competing in it please email me at chad.davis.1@gmail.com as I’ll be glad to pass along my Japan Ironman 2013 race report.

Good luck Jong.

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