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7 Reasons to Love Japan

I completed my first Ironman late at night in the cold and rain of Hokkaido on the 31st of August 2013. I almost cried as I approached the finish line as I thought of my wife, children and my Ironman journey.


I loved every minute of the very tough race but even better was the whole experience of travelling in Japan and enjoying their culture, the beautiful scenery, delicious food and friendly people.

Japan Ironman will be later this month on August 23rd 2015 and is definitely one to consider for the future.

Our Filipino super triathlete Jong Saljulga is racing this one and we wish him all the best. If any one else is competing in it please email me at chad.davis.1@gmail.com as I’ll be glad to pass along my Japan Ironman 2013 race report.

Good luck Jong.

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Jong Saljulga – A True Ironman Champ

I asked in my post before the Malaysian Ironman in Langkawi regarding the importance of race nutrition “Who will perform the strongest of the 127 Filipino strong contingent? For some that just might be 9:59:59 seconds.”

Well, meet Jong Sajulga, a true Filipino champion who finished first with a time of 10:17:32 among all the Filipino contingent, 5th in his age category of 30 to 34 (just missing a Kona slot by 6 minutes) and 22nd male overall including a strong pro field.  A great effort in just his 2nd Ironman!


Jong’s previous best time in a Full Ironman distance event was 10:28:36, which he did last March 2014 at Melbourne Ironman, Australia.

When I chatted to Jong the day before the Ironman he said he was hoping for the following splits: – Swim 1:10:00 (he swam it in 1:06:58) – Bike 5:30:00 (he biked it in 5:27:16) – Run 3:30:00 (he ran it in 3:35:33) – Total time of 10:17:32.

Jong Sajulga's Langkawi bike

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