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7 Ways to Make Your 2016 Epic

Your New Year’s Eve resolutions are made but can you stick to it? Yes is the short answer so as to ensure an improved you in the new year.


Starting now you can make the rest of your life the best of your life. It is up to you.

You will be healthier and happier this year. You will get younger and fitter in mind and body!

Follow these key ingredients to ensure your 2016 is the best ever.

(1) Write out your work, life, fitness etc. goals and ensure they are somewhere prominent;


I personally want to: (a) Run a sub 3:25 marathon and qualify for Boston; (b) Help over a million people improve their life through Primed; (c) Get into meditative practices and yoga; and (d) Spend more quality time loving and enjoying my beautiful family; (e) Create wonderful Primed recipes that taste great, are easy to prepare and not expensive; (f) Do/use more: Lemons, fasting, laughing, gratitude exercises, public speaking, company speaking, networking, hugging, standing and walking; (g) Get more spice in my life!

What are your goals?  You have a better chance of success if you write them down and let people know.  

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